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Town announces SNOW schedule

The Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved the town’s snow removal priority schedule Monday.

The town has 175 tons of salt on reserve, said Bud McKelvey, public works director for the town.

“We have plenty of salt on-hand,” he said.

McKelvey said the town has two dump trucks and three pick-up trucks to dispense salt. The town has another pick-up truck that will be used as a back-up and in areas that are more difficult to clear.

Thirteen Public Works employees will work three, eight-hour shifts with the support of two engineering employees, McKelvey said.

“Everybody will pitch-in if needed,” he said.

A priority list will be used to determine the order in which streets are salted, McKelvey said.

The list is the same as last year, except seven new streets have been added to the second priority list, he added.

“That’s due to new construction,” McKelvey said.

Crews will be trying to clear neighborhood entrances first, he said.

“We’re basically going to try to get front entrance roads to give people a way in and a way out,” McKelvey said.

• First priority streets are: The intersection of Campbell Station and Grigsby Chapel roads, intersection of Campbell Station Road and Kingston Pike, Campbell Station Road, West End Drive and school entrances, Municipal Center Drive.

Parkside Drive, Ridgeland Drive and Forest Ridge Circle, Snyder Road, Smith Road and Boring Road intersection, Smith Road and Kingston Pike intersection, intersection of Peterson Road and Kingston Pike, intersection of Chaho Road and Kingston Pike, Federal Boulevard, intersection of Old Stage Road and Kingston Pike.

Old Stage Road, Dixon Road, intersection of Watt Road and Kingston Pike, Watt Road, intersection of Everett Road and Kingston Pike, Everett Road, St. Andrew Drive, intersection of Campbell Station Road and Sonja Drive, intersection of Campbell Station Road and Herron Road and the curve on Herron Road, intersection of Campbell Station Road and Old Colony Parkway.

Old Colony Parkway, Russfield Drive, Jamestown Boulevard, Peterson Road, East Kingsgate, Midhurst Drive and Red Mill Lane, Red Mill Lane, intersection of Turkey Creek Road and Red Mill Lane, Turkey Creek Road and Concord Road intersection, Turkey Creek Road, Virtue Road, Boyd Station, McFee Road.

Way Station Trail, Spur Road, Well Fargo from Spur to Way Station, Russgate Drive and Kingston Pike intersection, Belleaire Drive, Boring Road and Kingston Pike intersection, Sugarwood Drive, Butternut Circle and from Butternut Circle to Virtue Road, Virtue Road and Kingston Pike intersection, East Fox Den Drive, South Monticello Drive.

North Monticello Drive, Smith Road (Grigsby Chapel Road to Everett Road), Andover Boulevard, Hickory Woods Drive, North Fox Den Drive, Singing Hills Point, South Fox Den Drive, Union Road, North Hobbs Road, Fleenor Road, Farragut Hills Boulevard, Crown Point Drive, Thornton Drive, Hughlan Drive, Towne Road, Roane Drive, Loudon Drive, Admiral Drive, Sonja Drive, intersection of Sonja Drive and Woodland Trace Drive, Oran Road, Wardley Road, Dundee Road, Newport Road, Ida Hertzler, Herron Road and Gatesmill Drive.

• Second priority streets are: Lady Slipper, Sedgefield Drive, Sweetgum Street, Mapletree Drive, Saddle Ridge Drive, Treyburn Drive, Brochardt Boulevard, Comblain Road, Camden Bridge Drive, Oakley Downs, St. John Court, O’Connell Drive.

Weatherly Hills to Blackstone, Deanwood Lane, Altimira entrance, Brixworth Boulevard, Bayshore Road, Sailview Road, Spinnaker Road, Lake Heather Road, Harbor Way to condo’s entrance, Blue Herron Road, Harrow Road, Golden Harvest, Banbury Road, West Kingsgate, Battlefront Trail.

South Hobbs Road, Triple Crown Boulevard, Johnsons Corner Road, Rockwell Farm Lane, Lawton Boulevard, Forth West Drive, Long Bow Road, intersection of Somersworth Drive and Old Stage Road, Allen Kirby Road.

Providence Glen Lane, Evans Road, Stone Vista Lane, Vista Brook Lane, Woodland Trace, Crosswind Drive, Windward Drive, Flotilla Drive, Crestview Drive, Mountainview Drive, Vista Trail and Glen Abbey Boulevard.

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