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Public reacts to Farragut Schools Forum

Public reaction was mixed concerning panel members’ “solutions” for overcrowding at Farragut schools following a Farragut Schools Forum held at Farragut High School Monday, Jan. 26.

Pam Simpkins has three children in Farragut schools. “I have my own ideas what can be done” about the overcrowding, she said. In reaction to the probability of adding portable buildings to one or more existing high schools, Simpkins said, “I don’t think building a bigger high school will be a good solution. I think they ought to build another high school.”

FPS parent Melissa Mustard said she believed the panel heard the concerns about the location of the proposed school sties, but “will a new location be sought after … who knows?

“I don’t know that anything was resolved,” Mustard continued, “but it got our parents talking and hopefully this line of communication with the local officials will continue so that we can put an end to the overcrowded school and get a new high school in the best location.”

Laurie Bender, a new Farragut resident, didn’t expect immediate resolution. However, she is convinced of the need to build two high schools, not just one. “They’re considering the anticipated growth but not weighing enough on our current population,” she said.

Karen Donovan, who has four children in Farragut schools, was disappointed she didn’t hear a clear-cut answer to the dilemma.

“I feel like nothing’s been resolved. Nobody has any answers, and I’d be surprised if a building is built within the next ten years.”

FPS Principal Emily Lenn was more optimistic about the forum’s outcome.

“Several possible solutions were mentioned, and I am confident that our leaders are willing to listen and work toward a positive outcome.”

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