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Police Reports Dec. 28 to Jan. 8

• Dec. 28: A Maryville woman reported to police that she was assaulted while at the Cotton Eyed Joe club on Outlets Drive. The victim stated that while at the club, she was walking by a table and was struck in the back of the head with a beer bottle by a suspect, who was another patron of the establishment. The suspect denied any involvement in the matter, but was arrested on a separate charge of public intoxication. The victim was evaluated at the scene by Rural/Metro Ambulance Service and subsequently transported to Fort Sanders Parkwest Medical Center by a friend. The victim was advised how to prosecute the suspect.

• Dec. 28: A Wartburg man reported to police that his vehicle had been burglarized while parked at the Cotton Eyed Joe club on Outlets Drive. The victim stated that he left the club and went to his vehicle, which was parked in the rear parking lot. The victim said that when he arrived at his vehicle, he noticed both the front door locks had been punched and the steering column was broken, including the ignition switch. The victim said a set of golf clubs was missing from the vehicle. No fingerprints or other suspect information could be found.

• Dec. 28: Police were flagged down at the Pilot fueling center on Lovell Road to investigate a disturbance inside the business. Upon entering the business, officers found the clerk and the victim, an Indiana resident, in an animated discussion. The victim said he put $5 on the counter for fuel, but the clerk mishandled the money and gave it to another customer for change. Before officers arrived, the victim had given the clerk an additional $5 for the disputed bill. The victim wanted his money back, but the clerk said they were both responsible for the mistake. The clerk wanted to refund half of the $5, but the victim refused. The victim said he would contact Pilot corporate offices for a refund and to complain.

• Dec. 29: A North Monticello Drive woman reported to police that her dog had been taken from her backyard. The victim stated that when she left the residence, all three of her dogs were in the backyard. On returning, she noticed that her fence had been taken off the hinges and propped upon the house and the dog was gone. The English boxer missing was valued at $400.

• Dec. 29: Police reported that the 1 Limit Bait Shop at 156 West End Ave. had been burglarized, while responding to another burglary call at 154 West End Ave. A message was left for the manager or keyholder for the 156 West End business, since no keyholder could be located at the time. The complainant could find nothing missing. Damage to the door was estimated at $500.

• Dec. 29: A sales clerk at Iron Age Safety Shoes in West End Avenue advised police that when she came to the business she found the door broken out and money missing. The telephone lines to the business had been damaged.

• Dec. 29: The manager of the Subway sandwich shop on West End Avenue reported to police that the business had been burglarized. A cash drawer and its contents were missing. The telephone lines to the business had been cut.

• Dec. 30: A Duzane Road man called police to report a custody dispute. The victim stated the suspect came to the address to pick up the victim, her son. The victim had been staying at this address with his grandmother. When the suspect arrived to pick up her son, the suspect found that the complainant had been given temporary custody of the victim. The complainant had court orders in hand. The suspect left the residence without any further incident. Domestic violence rights were advised. The complainant retrieved a clear plastic bag containing a grainy, off-white substance from a bedroom closet. The complainant stated that she found the substance at her daughter’s apartment. The substance was turned over to Knox County narcotics to be destroyed.

• Dec. 30: An Illinois man reported to police that his four-door Lincoln had been stolen while he was staying at the Baymont Inn on Campbell Lakes Drive.

• Dec. 30: Police were called to the Movie Gallery on Kingston Pike in Farragut to investigate a Class A theft. Police were told by the store manager that at closing the previous night she had “counted the safe,” set the alarm and locked up. When the store was opened the next day, the alarm was not on and the safe was $100 short. The alarm had been turned off by the suspect, an employee of the store approximately one hour after the store closed and had not been turned back on.

• Dec. 30: A Red Mill Lane woman called police to report a simple assault by a family member. The victim stated that the suspect, the victim’s son, was on the telephone arguing and cursing his girlfriend. The suspect came downstairs and appeared depressed. The victim and suspect began arguing because she told the suspect to start being productive and get a job. The victim stated that the suspect became verbally abusive and called her “a whore.” The victim ordered the suspect to leave the residence. The suspect refused. The victim tried to physically remove the suspect; however, the suspect grabbed and pushed the victim down. Upon officers’ arrival the suspect was standing in the driveway. The suspect had a scratch on his nose and chest. The victim stated that she tried to defend herself from further assault. The suspect voluntarily left the residence to stay with his aunt. The suspect is the victim’s 20-year-old son. Both parties were separated because the primary aggressor could not be determined.

Dec. 31: Police were called to a Glen Iris Lane address in response to a domestic standby call. On arrival, officers were provided with an order of protection to be served. Officers were unable to make contact with the suspect to serve the order. The victim was advised of her rights.

Jan. 1: Police responded to a call by a Lenoir City woman to a business parking lot in the 11000 block of Kingston Pike. Upon arrival, officers were told by the complainant that she had approached the suspect in the parking lot and the suspect dropped both the victim’s purse and another purse and fled in a 1996 Ford F-150 pickup truck. The victim recovered her purse and turned the other purse into the service desk.

Jan. 1: Police responded to a vandalism call at the vacant Kmart on Kingston Pike in Farragut. On arrival officers found that a glass door as well as three interior glass windows had been broken out.

Jan. 2: The management of the vacant Kmart on Kingston Pike in Farragut reported to police that an unknown suspect had burglarized the business and damaged numerous windows, almost every light fixture in the building and numerous shelves. Damage was estimated at more than $10,000.

Jan. 1: A Hound Ears Point woman reported to police that her vehicle had been vandalized. The victim stated she came outside and found her vehicle had been vandalized by an unknown suspect by putting sugar in the vehicle’s gas tank. Officers observed the vehicle’s gas lid was off and what appeared to be sugar was around the opening of the gas tank and on the ground. The victim further stated her family has had similar problems out of the victim’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend, which they now have an order of protection against.

Jan. 2: A Lenoir City man complained to police that his vehicle’s windshield had been broken out by an unknown suspect who threw an egg at the victim’s vehicle while traveling on I-40 east.

Jan. 2: A Thornton Drive woman reported to police that her identity had been stolen. The victim reported that an unknown person had been making several purchases using her ATM card number. The victim has possession of her bank card. On five separate occasions and at different locations the victim’s bank statement had shown purchases had been made. The victim states she didn’t make purchases and doesn’t suspect anyone at this time.

Jan. 3: Police responded to a North Campbell Station Road address on a simple assault call. On arrival, the victim and a witness both stated that the suspect wanted to use the victim’s cellular telephone. The victim told the suspect no. Then the suspect started hitting the victim open handed, then with a closed fist. The victim fell to the floor of the bedroom, then the suspect kicked the victim several times. The suspect then took a telephone cord and attempted to strangle the victim by wrapping it around her neck. The victim fled to a friend’s home and then was taken to Baptist West Hospital emergency room for examination. The victim had several large bumps on her head and also several red marks all over her head and arms. The victim also had bruises on her left arm, hand and right hand. She also had a cut on her lower lip. The suspect was arrested.

Jan. 3: A resident at the Farragut nursing home (12823) reported that her emerald ring valued at $400 was missing. There are no suspects at this time.

Jan. 4: Police responded to a burglar alarm at the Movie Gallery on Kingston Pike in Farragut. Upon arriving, the investigating officer spoke to the complainant who stated that she closed the store the previous night. The complainant stated she put the deposit for the day in a night safe in the back office. When she came in the next day the deposit was missing from the night safe. The complainant stated that to her knowledge only three other people have access to the money. Whoever took the money used a key to open the front door, used a code to turn off the alarm, used a combination to open the night safe. The suspect then relocked the safe, reset the alarm and locked the front door. Loss prevention for the store can tell which employee turned off the alarm during the time of the burglary. Approximately $500 was missing from the business.

Jan. 5: An Andover Boulevard resident reported to police that a suspect had violated an order of protection against him. The victim reported that the suspect came to the victim’s house and threw an object, like a tennis ball, at the victim’s bedroom window several times. The suspect then walked around the yard, then threw the ball at the window again. The suspect then left the area. The investigating officer observed the suspect leaving the residence but was unable to initiate a stop due to the suspect’s high rate of speed. The suspect called the victim several times while officers were still at the residence. The victim does have an active order of protection against the suspect.

Jan. 5: A Long Bow Road resident reported that someone had broken his driver’s side mirror and dented the fender on his vehicle during the night. The victim stated the suspect possibly used a bat.

Jan. 6: Police were advised by a carrier for the News Sentinel newspaper that the newspaper machine at the Municipal Center had been vandalized. The complainant reported that when she arrived to deliver papers to the newspaper machine she observed that the computer had been taken out of the machine and broken into several pieces and it was lying in the street. The lock and approximately $10 in change had been taken.

Jan. 6: A South Williamsburg Drive resident reported receiving verbal threats. The victim stated she had an affair with the suspect. The victim said she has since revived her relationship with her husband. The suspect allegedly threatened to take the victim’s child, tell her husband and kill himself. The suspect was allegedly armed with a steak knife.

Jan. 6: A worker at the Weigel’s Farm Store on Kingston Pike at Old Stage reported to police that a suspect entered the business to use the restroom and upon leaving the worker noticed the business filling with smoke. Rural/Metro Fire Department responded to the call and found the source of the fire to be a book of matches in the restroom trash can.

Jan. 6: A Windlock Road woman reported to police that she had received notice from the NBC Bank in Farragut that she had deposited a computer generated check into her account that had been forged. The suspect who deposited the check received more than $400 in return. The victim stated she does not know who deposited the check. She was charged $30 for the returned check.

Jan. 7: Police were notified that a license plate belonging to a North Campbell Station Road resident was found at the Walgreen’s drug store on Campbell Station Road.

Jan. 7: An Athens man reported to police that a suspect had forged a company payroll check and cashed it at the Kroger in Farragut for an amount in excess of $300.

Jan. 7: Police were called to the First National Bank in Farragut when bankers discovered that an alleged theft had occurred. The complainant advised police that a suspect came into the bank and asked the teller to retrieve his bank account number and balance. The teller pulled up a similar name with a different middle initial and reported to the suspect that he had in excess of $7,000 in the account. The teller filled out a counter check for the suspect who cashed the check for $3,000 and took the receipt with the account information on it. On three separate checks the suspect emptied the victim’s account. The suspect has an account at the bank and was recorded on videotape conducting the transactions.

Jan. 8: A worker at the Jiffy Lube on Kingston Pike in Farragut reported that a garage door window had been broken out. A ball bearing was found on the garage floor.

Jan. 8: Police were advised by a representative of the Wentworth Homeowners Association that a suspect had struck the brick wall at the subdivision entrance and left the scene.

Jan. 8: Police discovered a stolen handgun in a vehicle driven by two suspects pulled over for a routine traffic stop. The suspects, who were stopped for running a stop sign on Bellaire Street, were acting in a suspicious manner and upon police investigation a handgun and two magazines were found under the passenger seat. The handgun was found to have been stolen from a Birch Hill Lane address. The suspects were arrested.

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