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Everett Road, Kingston Pike intersection may see upgrade

The Everett Road and Kingston Pike intersection could receive an upgrade to allow “easier movements,” said town engineer Darryl Smith.

“We would like to put a signal there, but it’s up to TDOT,” he said.

According to Smith, The Tennessee Department of Transportation will not allow the town to have a traffic light at the intersection because the area does not have a center turn lane.

“We couldn’t do that unless we widened the bridge (just past Everett Road),” he said.

The estimated cost to widen the bridge is $300,000, Smith added.

“The bridge is the big ticket item,” he said.

The total cost to widen the bridge and construct a center turn lane would bring the project price tag up to $500,000 to $600,000.

“You’re looking at another $75,000 for a signal, too,” Smith said. “It gets expensive.”

The town will consider funding for this project during budget discussions for the next fiscal year.

“There are still a lot of things that are up in the air,” Smith said, “but the town is pursuing this with TDOT.”

The town is applying for Optional Safety Funding money to offset some of the cost, he added.

“That could be up to $100,000,” he said. “We would have to kick in the rest.”

“We may be able to get TDOT to do the asphalt and stone for the center turn lane,” he added. “We’re trimming everywhere we can.”

“It’s very difficult to pull out onto Kingston Pike (from Everett Road), especially turning east,” Smith said. “The problem is there is no center lane … people have to time it when the pull out because there is traffic coming in both directions.”

According to a memo from Smith to the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen, sight distance for motorists pulling onto Kingston Pike from Everett Road is adequate, 640 feet to the east and 690 feet to the west. But the lack of a center turn lane on Kingston Pike requires motorists turning eastbound from Everett Road to “turn left against vehicles approaching from both directions.”

In addition, motorists travelling eastbound on Kingston Pike turning onto Everett Road must stop in the through lane.

Smith said he got an accident count for the intersection, but there “have not been enough accidents to warrant a signal.”

Even if the town widened the bridge and constructed a center turn lane, TDOT would still have to compile a traffic count for the intersection to determine if it warranted a traffic signal, Smith added.

“If the numbers don’t meet the threshold, we can’t put a signal there,” he said, “but I’m pretty confident if we had a center turn lane there it would be warranted. More people would use that intersection if we did.”

Another intersection the town is eyeing for a traffic signal is the Peterson Road and Kingston Pike intersection.

According to a town memo, town staff requested that Mark Best, TDOT Region 1 traffic engineer, conduct a traffic count at the intersection.

A count was performed Nov. 25, 2003, but the intersection did not meet TDOT’s warrants for a traffic signal.

“It’s my opinion that a signalized intersection would greatly improve traffic operations for those residents living in the Kingsgate subdivision without causing undue difficulty for Kingston Pike motorists,” Smith stated in the memo.

According to Smith, TDOT’s numbers fell just short of meeting signal warrants.

The town’s staff will conduct a recount near the end of April. If the numbers recorded meet the warrants for a signal, they will notify Best and request that the location be reconsidered in May.

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