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LetterToTheEditor — Reader says ‘Vote Bush’

While most people will tell you when they are deciding for whom to vote for president that they want to know where each candidate stands on “the issues,” the simple fact of the matter is that many simply vote for the candidate they like the best. In other words, which candidate do they most relate to and do they trust. That trust stems from their measure of a candidates integrity. The upcoming presidential election looks like it will offer the American people an interesting contrast between candidates in this regard.

The majority of the American people trust President (George W.) Bush. In the president, they see a man with sound moral grounding; a man who simply does what he thinks is the right thing to do. Regardless of their ideological beliefs, most people can respect a president who does what he thinks is the right thing to do for the right reasons. This is why President Bush’s personal approval ratings are always higher in polls. The voters agree with him on most individual issues.

Contrast that with the democratic front-runner, Senator (John) Kerry. This is a man who campaigns on “standing up for the little guy” and against “special interests.” In fact, it was apparent that Senator Kerry accepted more money from “special interests” than any other senator did in the last fifteen years. This man takes positions on the major issues of the day out of political expediency. For example, Senator Kerry voted against the war to expel Iraq from Kuwait was invaded. He then voted for the Iraq war in 2003 because he didn’t want to be against a war that we would win, but he voted against the $87 million required to keep our troops there and rebuild the country and foster a democracy in the Middle East. Each of these votes was based upon political expediency at the time, never out of conviction or sound judgement. This is a man whose family fortune (his wife is heir to the Heinz fortune) is derived from “evil corporate America” but whom has done nothing to use his influence with Heinz to improve their corporate behavior.

The American people are a good judge of character.

Moreover, it is because of his unyielding integrity that I support President Bush.


Sean Owens


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