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Police Reports Jan. 9-19

Jan. 9: Police were called to a Midhurst Drive address when a complainant stated the victim threatened to hang himself or set himself on fire because of trouble with his ex-girlfriend. The victim was transported to the University of Tennessee Medical Center for evaluation.

Jan. 10: A Fincastle Way woman reported to police that her car was struck by the driver of a Dodge Caravan while in the parking lot of the Cotton Eyed Joe club. The victim reported the suspect sideswiped her vehicle and fled. The victim had the suspect’s license number.

Jan. 11: An Annandale Road man reported to police that all four tires on his vehicle had been slashed while he was visiting a friend at a Farr Road address.

Jan. 11: An East Ashton Court woman reported to police that she had been receiving harassing telephone calls on her cell phone from a woman who claims to know her, but will not identify herself.

Jan. 12: Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at a Durwood Drive address when a woman complained that she and the suspect were having a verbal argument over the victim not having sex with the suspect. The suspect was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Jan. 15: A worker at the U-Haul in Farragut reported that a truck that was rented had not been returned.

Jan. 15: A worker at a Farragut business reported that her purse and its contents had been stolen. The victim later called and reported she had found her purse in her car.

Jan. 15: Police responded to a call at a Hightop Trail address for a dispute between neighbors. The victim stated the suspect became agitated with the victim because he asked the suspect not to blow leaves into the victim’s yard. The victim stated when he asked the suspect to stop the suspect took off his coat and threw it to the ground. The suspect then threatened to “stomp you into the ground.” The victim stated he walked away. The victim stated he left his residence and was stopped at an intersection and noticed the suspect was behind him. The suspect got out of his vehicle and allegedly approached the victim’s vehicle. The victim stated he drove away from the suspect. The victim stated he is in fear for his safety and wanted documentation in case the suspect becomes combative.

Jan. 16: A Briar Gate Lane man reported to police that his mailbox had been vandalized for the second time.

Jan. 16: A Crosswind Drive resident reported to police that his home was burglarized by force. The victim stated he was in his house when the suspect knocked on his door. The victim told the suspect to leave. The suspect, believing the victim owed him money, tried kicking the door in, then tried to make entry on two other doors, but had no success. The suspect left after being advised that 911 had been called.

Jan. 16: Police were advised by a Farragut Commons Drive woman that she had received a threatening phone call. The victim stated the suspect called her and stated that he had just got out of jail and that she messed over him by getting custody of their child. She then stated that the suspect said that he had been watching her and that he knows where she lives and that he was going to get his child back, and that she better watch her back.

Jan. 16: A Florida resident reported to police that he was attacked by a road rager in a Watt Road parking lot. The victim stated he was followed off I-40 east and forced to stop by the suspect. The suspect got out of his vehicle and threw a beer bottle at the victim’s windshield. The victim stated that when he tried to get around the suspect he hit the suspect’s open door. The suspect followed the victim to a fuel isle at the Petro’s truck stop and demanded money for the damage. The suspect allegedly was angered and slashed the victim’s bus tire, ripped a gold necklace from the victim’s neck and took the bus key before leaving heading east on I-40.

Jan. 16: An Eagle Glen Drive resident advised police that her bank had notified her that someone had made Internet purchases with her ATM card.

Jan. 16: Police were called to a Clearbrook Drive address after the resident stated her boyfriend tried to strangle her during an argument. The victim said the suspect hit her in the face during the argument and she fled to her mother’s room and locked the door. The suspect, who had been drinking, kicked down the door and grabbed her hair and pushed her down. He then kicked her in the side and began to choke her. She stated she started to black out and told the suspect “you’re killing me.” The suspect got up, went to the bathroom and left, only to return within the hour. In the meantime, the victim’s mother had returned and called 911. The suspect left.

Jan. 16: A Nantasket Road resident reported to police that a .357 magnum handgun was missing from his Jeep, which was at Jones Automotive on Watt Road for repairs.

Jan. 17: Police responded to the Flying J truck stop in response to a call claiming theft and aggravated assault. The victim stated he had followed the suspect out of the store because he saw the suspect take some DVD movies. The victim stated he asked the suspect about taking the movies he said he did and handed the victim several movies. The victim stated the suspect asked him how much money do I need to give you to leave. The victim said he told the suspect he would need to stay until the police arrived. The suspect opened his truck door and pulled himself out of his wheel chair and into this truck. The victim stated there were still several movies in the seat of the wheel chair. The victim stated while he was standing at the open door of the truck the suspect placed the vehicle in reverse hitting the victim with the door. The victim stated he grabbed the doorframe to keep from falling under the vehicle. He then jumped into the vehicle and grabbed the keys stopping the vehicle. The victim stated he then backed away from the vehicle because the suspect told him that he had a knife and would kill him. When officers arrived, Magistrate Limoux was called and told the officers to tell the victim how to get a criminal summons. The suspect, an Arkansas man, was allowed to leave.

Jan. 17: Police were called to a Montacres Lane address in response to a domestic disturbance. The victim stated she was awakened during the night when her husband came home yelling. When the victim got up to investigate the suspect got verbally abusive toward her. The victim then noticed some type of drugs lying on the table. When she picked them up the suspect knocked her to the floor and jumped on top of her. The suspect continued to assault the victim until her daughter pushed him off. The suspect was arrested while trying to leave.

Jan. 17: A Watt Road resident reported to police that during the night someone had spray painted “Wendy” on her garage door and three times on her brick home. The victim stated that this has happened before.

Jan. 17: A Mapletree Drive reported to police that a visitor to his home allegedly took his computer valued at more than $1,200.

Jan. 18: A Jackson, Tenn., man reported to police that his vehicle had been stolen by a suspect who had asked for a ride. The suspect had advised the victim that he had a job pending in Elk City, Okla. On arrival, the victim reported the suspect told him the job had moved to Knoxville. On arriving in Knoxville, the victim stated that he and the suspect switched cars and that the suspect had never returned. The Elk City Police Department reported that the suspect’s information was invalid.

Jan. 19: A soldier stationed at Fort Campbell, Ky., reported to police that he had been assaulted by two individuals in the parking lot of the Cotton Eyed Joe club on Outlets Drive. The victim was beaten and suffered a broken nose.

Jan. 19: A worker at Appalachian Antiques reported that several items had been stolen from the front of the business during the night. The items were valued at approximately $4,000.

Jan. 19: A Kingston man reported to police that his tool box, which was at the Walgreen’s construction site on Kingston Pike and Smith Road, had been burglarized.

Entry to the work site was gained by breaking through a wall.

Jan. 19: Police received a call from a worker at Fox Den Country Club. The complainant stated that when he arrived at work, he found that the passenger-side window and windshield of the work truck had been broken. There was a black mailbox lying in the front seat.

Jan. 19: A Lawton Boulevard resident reported to police that a vehicle had struck his mailbox and Burning Bush.

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