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LetterToTheEditor — Reader warns of pending air pollution from Loudon factory

Dear Editor:

We were dismayed with comments made by some of our Loudon County Air Quality Task Force members at (its) last Feb. 4 meeting.

The Task Force members were presented with a letter requesting they recommend a hold, or stop, to the DuPont/Staley Joint Venture that will add another 35 tons/year of toxins to our already polluted air.

As we know, the current toxic air emissions from Loudon city industries carry far into Farragut, West Knox and other counties including the Smokies.

Only one member, Dr Bud Guider, agreed with the letter’s intent. Two immediate comments by LCAQTF members that were most appalling were:

Quality of life issues include clean air and water-no question- BUT, they also include the economic health of the community.

And from another member:

Being a local professional, I am concerned about air pollution for me, and my child, BUT, I also recognize that we need economic growth in our community.

May I remind the speaker of the first comment that, there is no quality of life without health.

And to the second speaker, “Perhaps we should view our children as little soldiers in the front line battle for economic progress, sacrificing the health of their lungs for the sake of jobs in East Tennessee” (M. Chapman).

This is not a “zero sum” game, it is not required to give up health for economic progress. Thousands of companies that employ millions of people all over the world, control their pollution and yes, they also make money!

The Tate & Lyle (AE Staley) facilities in Indiana and Illinois, made the investment to control their pollution, they need to make the same investment in Tennessee.

When you consider that the industries in Loudon City only contribute a very small percentage of the total tax base for Loudon County, I fail to see why the other overwhelming majority of tax payers should sacrifice their health, to support the profits of an overseas corporation that appears to be far removed from our problems.

The comments made by the LCAQTF members only reinforce speculations that local industry lobbyist’s agendas are successful.

It is time for the silent majority of this community to review the LCAQTF member selection process because as of this date, only Dr. Guider appears to be concerned about our community’s health.

Bob Adamski


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