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LetterToTheEditor — Who’s making ‘Big Money’ determines growth, Reader says

Dear Editor:

In regard to “our view” subject referencing the school board’s inaction. Could it be that they, like most Farragut residents, could not possibly have anticipated that the town’s managers, mayor and aldermen would have with such reckless abandonment and blindness approved every developer’s equest regardless of size of lot vs. size of house so that every square inch of land in Farragut is now filled to capacity?

Now they are requesting to put even more houses per acre! Do these town managers just not think beyond next week, or what?

The last time I looked, the more houses an area had, the more PEOPLE it had. I don’t think you can just lay this big bungle on the school board. It’s more about who is making big money (developers, builders, etc.) than it is about the poor planning of the school board.

Jane Shaffer


(Editor’s note: The last time we looked, population growth trends and building records are part of the public record. It is the responsibility of our representatives to keep abreast of these trends to ensure that situations like overcrowding at Farragut High School are anticipated and the infrastructure adjusted accordingly. Basically, it’s called ‘doing the job they were elected to do.’ A new high school in West Knox County should have been proposed in the 1990s. The business community has a right to seek profit, it’s up to the government and the elected officials to keep up with it.)

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