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PressTalk for Feb. 26

• I would like to complement your (ourview editorial) written on Feb. 12. Obviously you people have vision that has been lacking in both the Knox County Commission and the school board. I was just grateful to see someone bring this situation to the press.

• I agree with the reader who called last week regarding a sign for the Kingsgate subdivision. I’m also a resident of that subdivision and we have waited long enough for our sign to be replaced. At this point we just hope that it will be as impressive and as nice as the First Tennessee Bank sign that replaced ours. Come on Farragut, put our sign back up.

• It’s a disgrace that town hall will not let early voting be held there. This is for a public service for Farragut citizens, and if enough places cannot be found in Farragut it’ll be a great inconvenience to many Farragut citizens, especially the handicapped. Many will just not be able to vote. Another example of Farragut snobbishness.

• It’s sad having to read in this paper how people are talking about “how idiots in Farragut need to slow down” and “we need a safer Farragut.” Well, nothing is going to happen until we get better law enforcement. The law enforcement around here reminds me of a cross between a politician and a prairie dog. The politician, when it comes election time, they are out there doing prostitution stings, they’re doing beer stings with underage cadets. Oh yeah, those good old sobriety checkpoints. And the rest of the time they’re like a prairie dog, they’re popping their heads up out of Sam and Andy’s or Denny’s or IHOP or Krispie Krème just to let us know that, yeah, they’re around here every once in a while. And then again, we’ll never ever get any enforcement of the speed limit on Concord Road, on Parkside (Road) from Campbell Station all the way to whenever it ends. Or on Kingston Pike, as long as we have all of our law enforcement wasting their time on a six-lane interstate highway trying to stop people from going over 45 miles per hour in this so-called construction zone. How often do you drive down the interstate and not see anybody working or any machinery being turned on. And when you do see people working, you need binoculars to see where they’re working. It’s ridiculous that our law enforcement is wasting our time on the interstate when they should be helping us make a safer Farragut and safer Knox County and a safer Knoxville by doing their job and being on Kingston Pike, Parkside, Concord Road etc.

• Something needs to be done about the interstate noise with all the trees dying and the increase in traffic. The noise in the Farragut area is very loud and affects the living conditions of residents in the area. I believe our state officials, and local and area officials should get involved to come up with some solution.

• I refer to the new bank at the corner of Kingston Pike and Concord Road. To date, the contractors have not closed the driveway that causes drive-in depositors to hang out into this heavily-traveled intersection. Among the fatalities, there was a beloved young member of the Concord Baptist Church (First Baptist Concord?). There seems to be adequate banking facilities via the more spacious main entrance. The dangerous driveway is not regulated by existing traffic signals. Is there not a Farragut ordinance prohibiting two driveways to one establishment?

• This is in regards to the comments made by Farragut High School’s principal regarding the vending machines, and that they should not be the frontrunner for the changes for the children. The analogy was, of course, to having 18-year-olds at fast-food restaurants. If all it is is the bottom line, and you’re not there for our kids — you don’t care about their lifestyles or helping them out — my suggestion being, of course, if you really want to make some money, slap in some condom machines and charge $1 and you can make all the money you want. And you can put a room to the side so they can use it. Again, you are there for our kids, you’re not there for your bottom line. And it’s time that you guys wake up — especially you, the principal of Farragut High School. I would hope you have a little more concern for our kids than what you do.

• I wish to add my concerns about the noise and pollution that abounds on the interstate between Watt Road and Campbell Station Road. We who live in the subdivisions that surround these areas are bombarded with this noise-ridden road race day and night. It is worse this time of year when the trees are barren and the noise is more pronounced. I would hope that TDOT and our town government would try to remedy the situation with the installation of some type of sound barrier such as is being installed in the Papermill area. Instead of worrying about the color of paint on the ice rink (Icearium), the officials should be concerned about the hazards of air pollution being emitted throughout the neighborhoods adjoining the weight stations. Please note that this is, I believe, the only interstate weight stations that are across from each other, multiplying the noise and pollution twice over. Parents consider the harmful air that is permeating the nearby subdivisions. Do we know the possible long-term damage to our health and our children’s? Let us give this serious thought and encourage our officials to act accordingly.

• As an avid reader of the farragutpress I have been disappointed in what I perceive as unprofessionalism on the part of the newspaper. The phone-logs (presstalk) have changed their focus from their original intent of sharing news and opinions to slandering our local teachers and coaches. Have you noticed that none of these people, who are so determined to tarnish another’s name, leave their own? I wonder if any of these individuals actually went to coach (Becky) Reno or coach (Eddie) Courtney about their issues prior to speaking out so strongly against them in public. Anonymously, I might add. I’m tired of the paper being used as a forum to hurt other citizens, especially our coaches and teachers. What kind of message is that sending our children? Are we acting like responsible adults when we have a complaint? The farragutpress should adopt a policy of requiring a name that will be printed prior to printing anything that should be deemed harmful to another person.

(editor’s note: presstalk continues to operate as it was intended; as a forum for the public to express opinion about issues and concerns in our community.)

• I sympathize with residents of Farragut about the heavy truck traffic. Even though extensive damage is done to roads and structures such as houses and buildings along such roads, law enforcement officials in the city (of Knoxville) and county do not rank this as a high priority item. Engineering officials in the city of Knoxville do not take into account such issues as road damage in determining which roads get weight limit signs or “No Through Truck” signs. City code is so vague as to justify little action or no action or any action to benefit the safety of residents. But help may be on the way, as Metropolitan Planning Commission officials are planning hearings this summer for public input for a logic set of truck traffic ordinances.

• My wife and I just finished our first walk at the new park by the library. I must say I was impressed with the facility. However, we were amazed at the lawsuit waiting to happen. Although I would hate to deny any kids their fun there, there were at least three young boys on skateboards dodging people from here and there. And one young boy and I assume a sister sharing a razor scooter, when she came down the hill around the sharp curve next to the library parking lot at full speed — yep, she wiped out. No helmet, no pads, no parent was in sight. Luckily she wasn’t hurt bad. I think mom was at her car about a 150 yards away. The rules of the park, printed on a sheet of paper inside the message board, say nothing about bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. Town of Farragut, beware.

• Finally, the former Enron CEO has been charged for stealing untold millions from millions of innocent investors in the workers’ pension plans. This happens the same week that a Bush official says that out-sourcing jobs to other countries is good for America. John Edwards is right, there really are two Americas: tax breaks for the rich, out-source the military to your friends at Halliburton in a no-bid contract, and run up the deficit for the working people to pay back. All the while we have millions without health insurance. We need to out-source Bush.

• The farragutpress is right on the money when they say that speeding is a problem in our fair city. Turkey Creek Road is a prime example. There are many pedestrians and kids every single day that are put at risk by irresponsible drivers. The town of Farragut needs to get its own professional police force.

• I want to comment on this gymnastics thing. I sent my daughter to (a) gym in Farragut and they don’t have professional instructors to train all the kids. I was under the impression that they had a specialty in training kids, but I found out that they’re just college students. This thing has to be taken seriously, otherwise it’s going to be dangerous on the kids. They’re not taking our kids seriously. And they put them on the high trampolines in the gym, that part of the class. I noticed later that my daughter is not gaining anything from that gym. And when I asked the teacher, she said she was “just in college” and “it’s just a job.” I mean, she was not specialized in training (kids) a few years older or younger. I believe this is a very important issue.

• There is another issue that I want to comment on concerning gymnastics. Why is it not required to at least keep a nurse that knows about injuries related to gymnastics (on sight?). The other day a girl fell down and broke her arm, she fell down while doing her gymnastics. Everybody knows, like, when you have an injury, you should not remove a patient from his spot, especially if there’s an injury like that. Her arm was broken and she was crying her head off, yet they moved her on a bench out of the gym. And they did not know how to wrap her arm, and they kept playing with her arm, moving it left and right and all mothers were really concerned. And they asked them why you wouldn’t call 911 instead of messing with the girl’s arm? There was a lady that they said was a nurse, and she was trying to put a magazine around her hand. But what they did, they taped Scotch tape on her hand, her skin. I don’t understand, that would be painful when they try to take that Scotch tape off her skin. I think they did a bad job, they did something wrong. They should not remove that girl from where she fell down, from that spot. I think the only issue is that they have moved her from the gymnastics area because I think they did not want to lose money and to stop everybody in that gymnastics area. If it would happen to any of my kids, I don’t want them to be moved from that place until an emergency ambulance comes and picks them up.

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