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LetterToTheEditor — Reader questions Gore military record

Dear Editor:

Today the liberals and the democratic presidential hopefuls have singled out President George Bush with charges he was AWOL from the National Guard during the Vietnam period. George Bush, Bill Clinton and Albert Gore were of the draft age during this struggle, and, it seems only fair to let the public know how, Bill Clinton and Al Gore handled their military responsibilities during this conflict.

During the Vietnam war, Bill Clinton knew that he was about to be drafted, so he decided to flee to England, where he became active with a radical protester group, passing out hate literature, and publicly denouncing America for the war.

Al Gore was to be drafted during the Vietnam War, and his mother and Al Gore planned to move to Canada. Sen. Al Gore Sr. was assigned to the congressional committee responsible for military expenditures, and he as senator, telephoned Gen. (William) Westmoreland, seeking advice, about the family problem. Gen. Westmoreland told him, if his son Al Gore would enlist, he (the General) would see that he would be watched over, and cared for. Gen. Westmoreland instructed Sen. Gore Sr., to have his son, Al Gore travel to Newark, N.J., and to only contact a Sgt. Dess Stokes the commander of a recruiting station there. Sgt. Stokes personally interviewed, and processed Al Gore’s induction papers. He identified Al’s papers with the stamped information, “Watch List”. Al Gore enlisted in the late months of l969, and was assigned to Fort Dix in New Jersey. Al Gore’s initial assignment was to basic training for six months, but just six weeks later he was assigned, to a special training group.

Soon after Al Gore requested a transfer to Fort Rucker, Ala., to be close to his home in Carthage. The transfer was approved, and after he arrived there, he requested a leave of absence to campaign for his father, Sen. Al Gore Sr. who was seeking re-election. The leave was approved and Al Gore the soldier campaigned for his father, in uniform. Al Gore married Mary Aitchen May 19, 1970. He requested a leave of absence for the marriage and honeymoon and it was approved.

Gen. Westmoreland visited Fort Rucker and he summoned Al Gore to his office, and told him that if he planned a political future, it would be to his advantage to have Vietnam service on his record. He was immediately transferred to the 20th Brigade in the safe mammoth Bein Hoa base near Saigon. The commanding officer of the base Brigadier Gen. K.B. Cooper assigned a base soldier Alan Leo, to guard and protect Al Gore from all danger. Five months after arriving in Vietnam Al Gore requested resignation from the military and it was approved. He served only twenty months and received full service credit time for the leaves, He also received combat pay for his Vietnam service time.

Surely this sickening military charade Al Gore as a soldier, should be investigated thoroughly by the media and if accurate, it should be published to the same extent that has been given the democrats and comments about George Bush and AWOL.

Frank Greene


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