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PressTalk for March 4

• The bank that is being remodeled at the corner of Concord Road and Kingston Pike will have a very dangerous entrance. If the bank entrance is not moved, people going into the bank will have their car standing in the middle of Concord Road when they have to stop for another car. At the same time, cars can be setting in Kingston Pike. The mayor, aldermen or some of their good engineers need to have this entrance moved back several feet. There already have been several deaths in this area.

• We’re happy to hear of the new shopping center going in on Northshore and Pellissippi. This will slow the sales in Farragut of property on Parkside Drive. Many developers wish this property on Parkside was in Knox County, outside of Farragut and their dreaded rules of regulation.

• I was kind of reading in humor with regards to the Thursday, Feb. 26 edition of presstalk where one of the call-ins was (how) something needs to be done about the interstate noise with all the trees dying and an increase in traffic. I’m sure part of the issue is the number of trees that have died, but more importantly is the fact that the town of Farragut has a double-standard and continues to have a double-standard with regards to allowing the developers and developments, especially along Turkey Creek, to completely clear-cut. But at the same time, when someone wants to try to build a home, a residential, they get harassed on the number of trees that they so-called can cut in the zone called the free space zone. There’s a double standard with the town of Farragut again. If you look at the Turkey Creek development alone, look at the number of trees that were taken out and clear-cut. And yet, they’re supposed to replace these trees in a park, primarily that’s the (Mayor) Bob Leonard Park off of Watt Road. And yet none of these trees (plans) are designed to even come back and make these developers replant, so talk about a double standard.

• I (recently) picked up my farragutpress to look at it and I see “Too much Jesus?” No, not too much Jesus. That’s what’s the matter with our country now, we haven’t had enough Jesus. I’m just so thankful for this film (“The Passion of The Christ”) that has come to the Farragut theater. And we’re looking forward to going, a group of us of 40 have bought tickets are we’re going next Saturday, March 6, at 4 o’clock. Too much Jesus? No, we haven’t had enough of Jesus, and that’s the reason we’re in the fix that we’re in. As a country, a nation, around the world, thank the Lord for Mel Gibson.

• This is the mother ship to all the parents of coach Reno’s (Farragut) middle school girls (basketball) team. It’s time to beam up, you’re mission is a failure. Life is over.

• No, “The Passion of The Christ” is not commercialized religion. Religion has been commercialized through the centuries, from the Jewish priests and the early Christian church selling forgiveness of sin to our evangelists and televangelists now plus the pastors of the mega-churches whom with salary and perks make six figures. No, “The Passion” didn’t commercialize religion; the leaders have commercialized religion.

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