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PressTalk for March 11 edition

• Our education secretary, Rod Paige, has been quoted as calling the National Education Association, the 2.7 million-member teachers professional group, a quote, “terrorist organization.” This kind of attitude toward teachers on the front lines trying to make a difference in children’s lives is shocking. The hypocrisy of “No Child Left Behind” (policy) in the Bush Administration is astounding. The lack of vision in the Bush Administration is rampant. With Bush I’m reminded of the saying, “If your only tool is a hammer the whole world starts looking like a nail.” It’s time to leave Bush behind.

• Regarding the movie, “The Passion of The Christ,” I was absolutely appalled at pictures in the newspapers and on the Internet showing people holding big tubs of popcorn while waiting to enter the theater. To me this is tantamount to taking a picnic basket to a hanging.

• I’m calling in regards to the comment (presstalk question), “What other ideas do you have for improvements along Kingston Pike?” I would like to see a sidewalk the entire length of Kingston Pike from Watt Road all the way up to the Farragut town entrance on Lovell Road so that residents of Farragut can either walk or ride their bikes the entire distance without having to get on Kingston Pike. It would make people able to enjoy what is on Kingston Pike without having to get in their car and driving to get somewhere. The exercise, the enjoyment of walking or riding ... .

• The rest of Knox County would be much better off with Farragut’s sign ordinance. It is not too strict. Just take a look at the mish-mash of conflicting and confusing signage that exists on Kingston Pike outside of Farragut. It’s a mess, and it’s about time the business owners wised up; that when it comes to signage, less is better.

• Why would the town of Farragut let an old run downed building sit and collect so much trash around it? The old gas station next to the U-Haul in Farragut looks like it should be cleaned up. It has old tires around it and writing all over the walls. I think its owners should be fined for the tires laying around. I thought there was a law against that. I guess Farragut does not enforce the laws and how well it should be kept cleaned. But I guess when (some) people have the rich(es); people out does the poor people. Well, you get the point. If I was to move to Knoxville I would have to move to the east part. Thank you very much for nothing. And let’s not forget the pigeon lady, who feeds the birds and all kinds of critters at the old gas station also.

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