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PressTalk — March 18 edition

• I wanted to say that I hope that we do not seek to get our own ZIP code. The cost of having to change everything and the time involved simply is not worth it. Our egos have to be bigger than that.

• I was wondering if anybody in the government in Farragut has looked at the metro insurance or property tax increases over the last three years? They’ve raised our rates about $10 a year for the last three or four years and I don’t think that’s justified.

• If these folks who are calling in about the signs on Kingston Pike have some financial interest in the businesses with the signs, then yes they do have a right to call in. If they just happen to live two, three, four, five, six miles down the road and have no money involved in those particular properties, that is not their right. If they want to just talk about it, I guess there is a freedom of speech, but listen, let’s don’t stick our nose in everybody else’s business. These businesses are out here trying to make a living, trying to make money to contribute. What are the folks in some swanky sub-division with a small little lot in a starter castle having to do to promote to the good of the community? Are they throwing as much money back into the welfare of the community? If not, let’s let them keep their mouths shut and let’s let them take care of their own businesses instead of trying to run everyone else’s.

• I was calling to say that we do not need to change the zip code for the town of Farragut that was in your paper last week (Through the Lens question).

• I’m calling in reference to the tragedy that happened this weekend with the 16-year-old kid murdering a sheriff’s deputy as he tried to kill his mother then turned the gun on himself. This child had a history of psychological problems and violence, and I would like to know why an assistant district attorney kept so many guns in the house with an emotionally disturbed, violent teenager? I think that man should be charged with facilitation of murder for what his son did, because if it wasn’t for him having all those guns in the house, and all that ammunition, that deputy will still be alive today.

• I just got though watching the evening news on all three (Knoxville) channels that were showing part of the funeral procession for the deputy that was murdered in Loudon County this weekend. That was very sad and heartbreaking to see. But what is absolutely, positively disgusting is the way people are memorializing his murderer, Michael Harvey. That boy made a conscious choice to hit his mother in the head with a pipe. He had a history of violence. He made the choice to open fire on an innocent person that was just trying to do their job. When are people (inaudible) going to wake up, the boy was a criminal, a murderer?

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