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OurView — Kingston Pike, Parkside Drive as a one-way streets?

For years Kingston Pike has been called “Thunder Road,” and for good reason.

Next to Bristol, drivers are burning up the pavement on the pike creating a constant hazard to other motorists.

The western stretch of the pike from Northshore Drive to Dixie Lee Junction is divided by what some refer to as the merge lane.

No, it’s really a turning lane and those who choose to use it to merge are themselves causing a hazard. Instead of turning perpendicular to their path they are proceeding forward into the path of other vehicles that are turning into one of the hundreds of driveways, streets or business parking lots that line the pike.

Dotted along the pike are several suspended signs forbidding left-hand turns. One such sign is just west of the Kingston Pike/Gallaher View Road intersection. On any weekday around noon a line of cars may be found violating that sign and attempting to turn into the businesses located on the south side of Kingston Pike. Yet, there are no police cars there to ticket these lunchtime drivers whose quest for food is more important than the well-being of those who want to make a legal turn north on Gallaher View Road.

Here in Farragut, people complain about the increase in traffic lights that impede their ability to speed.

Police in Farragut are doing their part by writing tickets to those who break the law, but there are far too few police to handle the traffic, look after businesses and keep homes safe, as well as catch career criminals.

A caller to presstalk recommended that the pike be made a one-way street in one direction with Parkside Drive one-way the opposite direction. Maybe that’s not a bad idea.

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