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ē Itís time the city of Farragut did something to the south end of Turkey Creek Road. Widening this highway is a must. School buses cannot pass at some of the narrow curves without getting into the lane of oncoming traffic starting at Anchor Park and ending at Virtue Road. Now, letís look at the houses being built in the immediate area, plus other homes nearby. We believe this will be over 2,500 homes, condos and townhouses. We feel the number of cars per day traveling this short area of Turkey Creek Road will be over 20,000 cars per day. And this is not counting homes that have been in the area for some time. Wake up, Farragut.

ē We once heard that Farragut was going to pay for a road that goes in beside Cracker Barrel and onto to the back tavern or restaurant. This road would come out on Parkside Drive. Who would this help, and why would it be necessary to build? Letís watch this very closely.

ē Iím calling about the branches over Kingston Pike and Old Stage (Road). I live off of Old Stage and I enjoy seeing the trees. I donít think they present a hazard, and I think theyíre a scenic beauty.

ē The independent 9/11 Commission has been charged with reviewing the facts surrounding the attacks of 9/11. One simple result we can hope for: Maybe we can better understand how we can prepare to prevent another violent attack against our people and against our country in the future. Our national security advisor is thumbing her nose at the American people, especially the families of the victims of 9/11, by not testifying in public on camera for the record. Her arrogance should not be tolerated, not to mention the Bush-Cheney-Halliburton team that want to make 9/11 the centerpiece for outsourcing our national defense. Apparently Bush-Cheney have only an hour for the commission behind closed doors. The American people have a right to know the facts. Who are these people making the links between 9/11 and Iraq? Over 500 dead, untold wounded and a billion dollars a day. But I donít have time to explain it to the American people. How could someone be so arrogant? At least we have a choice; we can go on record and vote them out.

ē In your (through the lens question) ďbranches over Kingston Pike ... ,Ē it is definitely a hazard. I live off Old Stage Road, and Iíve been trying for years to get something done about this. High wind or a storm could knock these branches down and some innocent person could get killed. Iíd like to see them cut myself.

ē I have a question. Iíd like to know why so many people are so upset and are wanting to try to prevent gay people who happen to love each other from getting married and being legally a family? I just donít understand this kind of bigotry and hatred. I have a very good friend who is gay, she and her partner have been together longer than a lot of heterosexual people I know. And as far as the excuses being used ó thatís itís not natural, not of the Bible ó well if thatís the excuse youíre going to use, then donít ever use birth control, donít ever use in vitro fertilization to have a child, donít ever use artificial insemination to have a child. If your liver or your kidneys fail, do not be the recipient of organ transplants because those are not of the Bible, they are not in the Bible, and they are not considered natural. Neither is life support, when people have been in horrible accidents. Neither is skin grafting. I mean the list goes on and on. I wish the people in our country would think with their hearts and their heads and just do the right thing for the right reason. Donít hate somebody just because theyíre different from you, and donít vote against something just because you donít understand it. Take some time, get the facts, make a difference.

ē I canít believe that our state senator would sponsor a bill to allow motorcyclists to ride without a helmet. We are talking a huge risk, and our state citizens are going to end up paying the bill for their idiocy. Give me a break, I thought he was a fiscal conservative. Itís going to cost us all a lot of money, not to mention that thereís going to be many, many lives lost and people in hospitals and incapacitated for the rest of their lives. Weíre all going to pay for it. Give me a break. Letís repeal that bill.

ē The Old First Tennessee bank building on (the corner of) Concord (Road) and Kingston Pike has always been an accident problem because of having two entrances. The problem is the one on the front corner by the intersection. I was surprised to see that Farragut hasnít taken advantage of the opportunity of having that entrance closed as that buildingís being renovated for a new bank building. Gang, letís wake up and letís try to avoid some accidents here. Letís close that front entrance and require that they use just the back entrance behind the building.

ē I wanted just to tell you how much I really appreciated the little magazine, ďWest Side Story,Ē that was in the paper (March 25). We live right close there, so everything was familiar and very interesting. I had a heck of a time finding one; they were out of it so much. I think with that little magazine, word of mouth got around and everybody went to get one ... it was put together very well.


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