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• March 29: A worker at the Flying J truck stop on Watt Road reported to police that a customer hit a gas pump as he pulled away from the station.

• March 29: Police arrested a Ridgewood Road resident after witnessing him allegedly stealing stones from White Realty and Service Corporation on Kingston Pike. The suspect was found loading a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with landscaping rocks from the White Realty parking lot and fled the scene. Officers initiated a traffic stop and detained the suspect. The suspect was Mirandized and then admitted to taking the stones. The property owner stated that similar thefts have occurred over the past few days.

• March 31: A Lost Tree Lane woman reported to police that an alleged representative of Publisher’s Clearing House had contacted her by telephone and informed her that she had won $1 million. The victim was instructed that she needed to send money to pay the taxes on the prize in order to receive the money. The victim stated that she sent eight different money grams totaling $18,000 to a Tel-Aviv, Israel, address to pay the taxes. The victim has not received any prize at this time.

• March 31: Police were called to the Fox Den Country Club in response to a call from a representative of the Coca-Cola company. Officers discovered that two Coke machines had been burglarized and a total of $496.80 was missing from the machines.

• April 1: Police arrested a Powell man when a vehicle owner and her companion caught him inside their vehicle at the Cotton Eyed Joe club on Outlet’s Drive. The victim and witness observed the suspect exiting the vehicle and the victim confronted the suspect and questioned him as the witness requested aid from the club’s security officers, who detained the suspect. The victim realized her cellular telephone was missing from the vehicle and called her cell number. The phone was discovered ringing in the suspect’s vehicle. The security officers and the victim discovered the stolen items in plain view.

• April 1: A Saddle Ridge Drive man reported to police that several of his Hydrocodone pills had been taken from a bottle housed in his bathroom. The complainant stated that approximately 58 pills were missing. The complainant stated he leaves the side door of the house open and no forced entry was found. There was some damage to the bathroom door.

April 1: An Annandale Road woman reported to police that her vehicle was damaged when a cabinet being hauled in the back of a pickup truck driven by a Loudon man blew out of the back of the truck into her vehicle. The incident happened at Kingston Pike and Watt Road.

• April 1: An East Kingsgate Road woman reported to police that her home had been burglarized. Approximately $9,000 in property was missing.

• April 2: Knox County deputies were dispatched to the parking lot of the Petro’s fueling station on Watt Road in response to a fender bender between two trucks.

• April 2: A Shelbyville man was transported to Fort Sanders Parkwest Medical Center after calling police and threatening to kill himself at an Outlet’s Drive address.

• April 2: A worker at the Pilot food market on North Campbell Station Road reported that an elderly couple pumped $23.77 in fuel and left without paying. The worker got the license tag number but not the state.

• April 2: A worker at the BP gas station on North Campbell Station Road reported the theft of $14.76 in fuel.

• April 3: A Lenoir City man called police to the Weigel’s food market on Kingston Pike at Smith Road and reported his vehicle had been spray painted.

• April 4: A Big Oak Lane resident reported to police that his satellite dish had been vandalized. The victim stated that he had the suspect do some landscaping work around his house. The suspect allegedly told the victim that he was owed money. On April 3, the suspect was seen doing work around a neighbor’s house. The victim said he left his residence and noticed the suspect watching him. On arriving back at his residence, the victim discovered his satellite dish not working. On investigation, the victim found two wires to the system had been cut.

• April 4: Police investigated an alleged homicide at a Parkgate Drive address. See full story in the farragutpress April 8 issue.

• April 5: Police were advised by a Whisperwood Drive resident that her purse had been stolen from her vehicle while parked at an Outlet’s Drive address.

• April 5: A Fairfield Glade man reported to police that someone had sprayed painted “Wendy” on the side of his vehicle while it was parked at the Ingle’s grocery store in Farragut.

• April 6: A Mississippi man reported to police that he awoke at a North Campbell Station Road address to find that someone had attempted to steal his vehicle. The vehicle had been entered through an unlocked front door and the ignition key housing and part of the steering column housing were broken with the ignition wires exposed.

• April 7: A worker at the Petro’s fueling station on Watt Road reported that a customer pumped $25.07 in fuel and left without paying. The license plate number of the suspect was supplied to police.

• April 7: Police were called to a Lawton Boulevard address in response to a threatened suicide. The victim stated that she and the suspect were in a verbal dispute over money and bills when he became very angry. The victim said the suspect stated he did not want to live. The victim said he got into his BMW and drove away. The victim stated the suspect might be armed with a small handgun.


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