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ē Farragut High Schoolís lacrosse team deserves coverage from your paper just like football, baseball and soccer teams get coverage. One of our parents has sent (statistics), an article and pictures after our games but still no coverage. The team has great student-athletes and great volunteer coaches who deserve newspaper coverage. The team is 4-3 (record) so far, but always makes regional playoffs and usually state playoffs. It would also be nice to play our home games in the football stadium, so students could watch the games.

(Editorís Note: The farragutpress congratulates the farragut lacrosse club team for its achievements. At present, the farragutpress does not have the staff or the resources to cover an additional sport. Please keep sending your briefs to us and we will make every effort to publish the material. But, space is limited and we are committed to covering TSSAA sanctioned sports at this time.)

ē I also live in Village Green on one of the busier streets. Speeding in the subdivision is a serious problem, and itís not uncommon to see drivers going over 45 miles per hour in this 25 miles per hour zone. I have seen speeding vehicles lose control and run off the roll into streams, across lawns, onto curbs, mailboxes and so on. Whether itís rush-hour traffic, high school students driving to-and-from school or mothers blindly speeding home after dropping off their primary school children, drivers cutting through the subdivision or residents themselves, this is a time bomb. In a recent Village Green survey, residents cited speeding as the number one problem in the subdivision. Most were reportedly in favor of traffic homing devices. Less than a third of the subdivision, so yes adults and children alike walk, jog and ride bikes along the curb on the streets. I sincerely hope that drivers donít rationalize their speeding by saying that children should not be in the streets anyway. Fortunately, so far, no one has been hurt. Please, letís not wait for a child to be hit before we enforce the posted 25-mile per hour speed limit.

ē I cannot believe that there is so much controversy about gay marriages. Anyone who has ever read the Bible knows that in the New Testament and the Old Testament, homosexuality is a sin. All through the Bible writing: Genesis 19:25, tells us why Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed. Romans 1:24-28 ... also, thereís Leviticus 18:22, Leviticus 20:13, I Corinthians 6:9 and Jude 1:7. These are just a few scriptures, but there are many others throughout the Bible condemning homosexuality.

ē As a frequent patron of the Farragut branch library, Iím troubled by the noise level. It is not unusual for parents with small children to gather, talking in loud voices inside the library. The library staff itself (is) often conversing without making any effort to lower their voices. I hope that the staff will enforce a policy of quiet so that it is possible to use the library in a manner in which it is intended. Cell phone use should be totally prohibited. The library staff should set an example by lowering their voices when speaking. Present conditions make it nearly impossible to use the Farragut branch library for reading or study. Much of the time the library is little more than a nursery or after-school social setter. I hope the conditions can be improved, and that we can have a library to be proud of.

ē Itís 5:20 in the afternoon, Iím on Concord Road. I canít even see the water treatment plant, yet trying to get to Northshore. Gee, Farragut, what a wonderful place for a traffic circle. Better yet, how about we get the county and the state to give us a red light and get some better intersection improvement and life would be better in West Knoxville.

ē Iíd like to comment about your through the lens question, as whether or not we need another turn lane at Lovell Road eastbound, or on Kingston Pike eastbound turning onto Lovell Road? We definitely do. For anyone who drives that road on a regular basis and makes that turn like I do, I donít think that thereís any question that thatís one of the biggest backups in and around the Farragut area.

ē This is a response to a person (calling) in about why are people preventing gay people from getting married. Itís disgusting is mostly why it is. Itís immoral, itís just not right. Most people who have morals understand this. Apparently this person doesnít because (he/she) likes to quote the Bible and (he/she) apparently hasnít read the Bible very well because most of what (he/she) said in here is not true. From the people who live right and just are moral people, itís wrong, just flat out wrong no matter what (he/she) says, itís always going to be wrong. Thatís why people are trying to prevent this. Itís wrong, and unfortunately some people want to make it right. Hopefully, good Lord willing, it wonít ever happen.

ē I was just reading in your (April 1) edition about how they are planning on narrowing the roadways to help slow down the traffic. I really hope you guys do, I love driving at high speed on narrow roads, especially when I get to scare people in SUVs in my little-bitty car, itís so much fun. I really hope this plan goes through.

ē I was reading the articles in the (farragutpress recently) about how people seem to think that if they changed the width of the roads in the subdivisions to very narrow, that is going to cut down on speeding. I hate to burst your allís bubble, but no it is not. I live in Belleaire, itís the oldest subdivision in Farragut and the roads are extremely narrow through the entire subdivision. And yet people still drive through that subdivision at 40, 50 and 60 miles (per) hour. Unfortunately some people who do the speeding live there, but mostly itís visitors ó people who work with the church who drive through the neighborhood on their cigarette breaks, the UPS, delivers from contractors, newspapers delivers, pizza deliveries. So making the roads narrow is not going to help the situation. Whatís going to help the situation is people taking responsibility for their actions. And if that doesnít work, which obviously it probably wonít, (put) some speed bumps in every once in a while. But other than that, narrow streets are not safer ... have you ever tried to pass a school bus going in the opposite direction in Belleaire? Itís impossible. You have to either stop completely and pull over in the grass in someoneís yard because a lot of times they just refuse to pull over and give you any room on the road at all. So narrow streets are not the answer. People taking responsibility for their actions are.

ē The other newspaper covering Knox County has taken flak for showing a picture of one of our soldiers brutally killed and burned in the streets of Iraq. As hard as is it, we need the truth. Maybe if our president had actually read enough in the past, he would have known war is not some Hollywood version of a John Wayne movie or some video game. War is real. I remember very well the young Vietnamese girl badly burned with napalm all over the newspapers. Itís been over a year since weíve had ďmission accomplishedĒ and overthrew Saddam. Now, a huge population of the world really, really hates us. Weíve blown hard-earned good will across the world. Itís time for a change.

(Editorís Note: The picture in question was one of Iraqis celebrating the burned bodies of private contractors, not U.S. soldiers.)

ē I understand our state senator has endorsed someone for a state senate seat in West Tennessee. I thought we sent him to Nashville to represent us. He has no business endorsing candidates in other districts. What makes this ever worse is that this candidate, the speaker of the state senate, is a proven liar on the income tax issue. He played both sides for too long, and the truth finally came out. It is just pitiful that our politicians only worry about their next election instead of what is right. Too many times elegant people tell lies to people just to look good themselves. Itís time for a new state senate speaker, and our state senator needs to stay out of that race.

ē In response to through the lens, ďa turn on Lovell road,Ē I think it is definitely needed because of the amount of traffic that stacks up there to turn left. Iím also in favor of a stoplight on Old Stage (Road) and Kingston Pike.

ē I was disappointed to see how the telephone company has hacked down a whole row of beautiful pine trees along the Jamestown Boulevard, Kingston Pike area. Really a shame. On a related note, a hope everyone enjoys the beautiful redbuds at Campbell Station Road and the interstate exit, because I understand (Tennessee Department of Transportation) is wanting to come in clear all those out just to widen that road a little bit. Again, a real waste. Itís a shame we canít leave our nature alone.


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