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• I agree with (State) Sen. Tim Burchett’s request to look into the (University of Tennessee’s) new football ticket allocation. I think that grandfathering of people who have had tickets for several years should stand, I don’t think they should make any changes to that. I just think that you shouldn’t have to be wealthy, or a corporation in order to afford tickets to go to a UT football game, so I think he’s right on the money.

• I would like to respond to the comment (April 8) about gay people getting married. If you are a God-fearing person who believes in the Bible, you can’t help but be upset about people wanting to accept gay marriages. The Bible condemns immorality in these verses: I Corinthians 6: 9-10 ... Romans 1:26, 27, 32. To accept gay marriages will be another step away from (inaudible) in this country. Accepting homosexuality in any form, married or unmarried, would go against God’s word. It is not about bigotry or hatred for someone who is gay, but the issue is their sin of homosexuality. I do not, nor should anyone, ever hate those who are gay, but should hate the sin and not the sinner. As for the other things listed that you say that are not natural and not of the Bible, please show me where in the Bible God condemns them.

• I would like to express my appreciation to the Board of Aldermen and the staff at the town of Farragut for a good job installing new playground equipment at Anchor Park. I’m appreciative, the job was well done, and we certainly enjoy improvements to the parks.

• Our fine county commissioner, Craig Leuthold, needs to be congratulated for uncovering a glaring disparity in school funding. Farragut High School has been shown as dead last in per student spending of all Knox County high schools. This is a huge violation of the Fourteenth Amendment for equal protection under the law. When will the county school administration and school board wake up and actually do something for the children they were elected to serve? Farragut High School has been overcrowded for years, and what has been done about it? We need a new high school in west Knox County now. Rezoning is simply a short-term Band-Aid that is too little, too late. It’s time for the politicians to put their money where their mouth is, and actually do what they were elected to do.

• This comment is in regards to the public forum that was held at Karns High School on April 13. It is in regards to the (inaudible) subdivision who got up and spoke in regards to living in the “zoned” area yellow that the school board is looking to zone out of Farragut schools. Their argument was that they live within the town of Farragut’s lines. We just need to inform them that the town of Farragut does not control the school lines. The school lines are controlled by the school board. Just because you live in the town of Farragut does not mean you go to Farragut schools, as evident by the people who live off of Loop Road, off of Concord Road; half of those people in Harbor View and Waterford, they end up going to A.L. Lotts school for K-through-5 instead of Farragut Intermediate, which is just right up the street from them. They are certainly within a mile of that school ... the school board can rezone us, our school districts, every year if they so desire and so wish. And the way the rapid growth is coming in on the west side, it’s a potential possibility that we’re going to get rezoned again in two years.

• This call is in regards to the potential rezoning of residents that are around schools in the Farragut area. It was commented at the meeting on the forum on April 13 that the yellow area is within a two-mile range of the Farragut schools and should not be relocated. I just wanted to inform everybody that the area No. 5, the brown area, is also within two miles of the Farragut school area; and the area three, which is the purple area, is certainly within two miles of the school area, too. So, if the (school) board takes into consideration of the yellow area being exempt, they need to also take into consideration the people in the purple and the brown. It is only fair to do everybody equally, and not single anyone out ... the town of Farragut does not control the school lines, it is the school board that controls the school lines. And you can access that information from the Knox County School Web site; they will inform you that the school lines can change up to once annually.

• This is in response to the (person) on Belleaire talking about the narrow streets slowing down traffic. The only thing I have to comment on is that (he/she) mentioned that a lot of (his/her) traffic problems are from the “people who work with the church who drive through the neighborhood on their cigarette breaks.” I wonder how (the person) knows that it’s people from the church out on their cigarette breaks. It’s not the church that’s the problem in Belleaire; it’s the residents of Belleaire that’s the problem with speeding.

• I’m very much in favor of your police reports, so that we’ll know what’s going on in our neighborhood. Otherwise, we might not know. I can be a little more careful about what’s going on. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

• The turn lane to Lovell Road (from Kingston Pike) is probably needed (one lane added) but it’s probably going to make a dangerous problem and even more dangerous. The light needs to be resequenced. Now, when you have a turn light to Lovell Road, before the turn light is finished, the green light comes on for eastbound traffic while the westbound traffic is still on a red light. People coming out of their businesses look and they see a red light going west, so they’ll pull out and maybe into traffic because the light has turned green. It needs to remain red coming east until the turn light goes off — turn the east and westbound lights green at the same time. This was the same problem for Canton Hollow before it was rerouted, causing several deaths, because people pulling out of Canton Hollow thought that the light coming east was also red. It needs to be resequenced.

• I’m calling in regard to (State) Sen. Burchett’s comments about whether or not it’s gouging for UT to extort the money from (football) season ticket holders. Yes, I think it is. I think it always has been exorbitant the way they’ve done this. And this particular change is effecting a lot of people that just cannot afford this additional price. In addition to the regular donation they make, the cost of the tickets keeps going up, and if you have a parking pass it’s even more. I really think that they’ve gone too far this time, and I hope that Burchett can do something and enough people will speak up and try to do something about it. I’m glad to see you all addressing this issue.

• I’m responding to the caller last week who complained about the noise level at the Farragut branch library. I agree the library needs to re-assess its mission and change accordingly. I’m a frequent patron, but also a mother with small children who love to read. Our experiences are very different than last week’s caller who complained about kids and noise. In general, we rarely visit other than to pick up books because the librarians are sour and (inaudible) to my children and create an inhospitable place. It seems there are two competing groups using the library: retirees and children. The library is not set up to accommodate either group well. Yes, at times there are loud noises by excited children learning to read, and this obviously offends some patrons as I’ve seen by their rude responses. The library should consider changing its mission to reach out to one group or the other, and build a separate wing to accommodate the other group. Alternatively, the library could build a partition on the kids’ side and move the new arrivals section to create a more hospitable area for children that would also reduce noise for retirees. And finally, the library would inspire more children to love books if they hired a talented and exciting librarian solely devoted to children like librarian Helen Picou, who is now working at Smart Books and Toys. In general, I think the library is doing a great job, but would do better if it would re-assess its mission to reach out to one group or another.

• I just want to comment on bicyclists that use Northshore Drive heavily. Today (Friday) around 12:30 heading west on Northshore, I almost hit a car head-on because they were trying to get around two people on bicycles. It almost caused me to hit them head-on. If people are going to ride bicycles on the public roads, they should be required to have a license and pay fees and whatnot, to use the roads. Just like vehicles, they are very, very hazardous. People need to get off these busy roads like Northshore, (which is) heavily traveled. They need to go to some backroad that’s hardly used. I see it all the time on Northshore; it’s very dangerous and very, very annoying.

• I want to express my support for (State) Sen. (Tim) Burchett’s point of view that we should be able to retain our (football) tickets without being gouged another $2,000 by the athletic department down at the University (of Tennessee). I myself (am) a long-time giver of scholarships starting since 1962 down there, and I appreciate Mr. Burchett’s support of those of us who have done that and would like to keep our tickets without having the prices gouged. As it is, our seats are too small thanks to coach (Doug) Dickey and his program when he was athletic director. I certainly support Sen. Burchett.


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