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Into the blue clear
Dive shop moves from Broadway to Cedar Springs shopping center

Avid and beginner Scuba and skin divers looking for gear and instruction can now find what they need in the Cedar Bluff area.

Blue Clear Divers moved from Broadway June 2003 to its new location in the Cedar Springs shopping center, beside Leaf and Ale.

According to the dive shop’s owners, Bobby and Kim Seals, diving is more popular in East Tennessee than one would think.

“Just start looking at vehicles for the diver down (front vehicle) tag,” Bobby said concerning vehicles that don a red tag with a white stripe stretching from upper left to lower right.

Underwater activities have also become more popular for people vacationing near a beach.

“Snorkeling is the number one activity done on all vacations,” Kim said. “Number two is shopping and number three is diving.”

Whether you’re looking for gear for a vacation adventure or a dip in the nearest quarry, Blear Clear Divers has a plethora of gear to meet your needs.

“Each of our lines are one, two or three in their industry,” Kim said. “We want to give the customer the best of each piece we can get.”

Blue Clear sells regulators, buoyancy control devices, masks, wet suits, wet bags and apparel, all with brand names that any avid diver would recognize such as Mares, Dacor, Aeris, Henderson, Akona and Uzzi.

“Each (brand) has something they specialize in,” Kim said. “We try to surround the shop with the best vendors of each piece of equipment.”

“We service and repair in-house all equipment that we sell,” Bobby added.

Blue Clear can do annual service on regulators, repair buoyancy control devices and fill air tanks with either regular air or enriched air called Nitrox.

If you want to see if diving is for you, Blue Clear offers a free class, Discover Scuba at the West Side YMCA every other weekend.

“We bring them in and make sure they can do it,” Kim said. “It’s a real fun thing.”

The next Discover Scuba class is May 1-2.

Both Kim and Bobby have earned certification from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Bobby is an I.D.C. staff instructor, the third highest certification given out by PADI, and Kim will earn her assistant instructor certification in two weeks.

Bobby, who is also a first aid and CPR instructor, said they could teach beginners to instructor level divers.

Classes range from $210 for an advanced course to $1,024 for an assistant instructor course. The price for an assistant instructor course dives to around $700, Kim said, if the student has their prior course material.

The duo also offers an open water certification class for $299. Basic equipment for this class is provided by Blue Clear.

More advanced divers can sign up for an enriched air course. The class teaches divers to use Nitrox instead of standard air.

“Nitrox allows for more bottom time,” Bobby said.

Blue Clear also offers an underwater photography class. The class costs $190 and includes a classroom and dive portion.

The classroom portion is held at Blue Clear. The dive portion is done at Loch Low-minn, a quarry in Sweetwater near the Lost Sea, or you can accompany the Seals on one of their trips out-of-state.

For more information about Blue Clear’s classes call 693-9940.

Blue Clear Divers is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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