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ē I also live in Village Green on one of the busier streets ... In a recent Village Green survey, residents cited speeding as the number one problem in the subdivision. Most were reportedly in favor of traffic homing devices. Less than a third of the subdivision has sidewalks, so yes adults and children alike walk, jog and ride bikes along the curb on the streets. I sincerely hope that drivers donít rationalize their speeding by saying that children should not be in the streets anyway. Fortunately, so far, no one has been hurt. Please, letís not wait for a child to be hit before we enforce the posted 25-mile per hour speed limit.

ē I would like to make a comment to the obviously misinformed parents who think Karns High School is inferior to Farragut and that most Karns graduates donít gain acceptance into college. Iíve personally had enough of this elitist attitude. I am a Karns High School graduate, class of 1995. I feel that the education I received at Karns was great. After high school, I, and most of the other members of my class, went on to college. And guess what? I also got a degree. Not too bad for someone from the backwoods, huh? The parents who think that the cream of the crop as far as administration and faculty are shipped to FHS are sadly mistaken. They all come from the same pool and the Knox County Schools system doesnít send the best hires to Farragut. Get a clue. And at any rate, teachers are not the only factor that breeds successful students. In my opinion 99 percent of the high-achievers in high school and college are those who are self-driven or have parents who spend hours urging and helping their child to succeed. Oh yeah, one more thing, two people in my circle of friends are FHS grads. Neither has, or is planning to attend college, and both currently hold minimum wage jobs. I guess they didnít receive the Midas touch that only the FHS teachers, as you imply, have. Hail Farragut High! Give me a break! I agree the logistics of the proposed KCS rezoning is faulty, but donít throw mud at Karns.

ē The west area of Knoxville ó Karns, Bearden, Cedar Bluff, Farragut ó is in desperate need of a new high school. The overcrowding of all the schools adequately shows that we need to find the land, and we need to build a new school. The school boardís argument is that there is no money in their budget. The county commissionersí argument is that the school board hasnít asked them for money yet, that the school board hasnít found the appropriate land yet. And, I just want to make the point that the county commission is voting in May or June in regards to building a $40-million public library downtown. That could be $40 million that could be floated over to a new school for the West Knox County area, to help alleviate the overcrowdedness at all of the high schools instead of taking the hazard of rezoning all of these children that have been with their friends since kindergarten and then all of a sudden rezoning them when they get to the high school level. I just want to make everyone aware that they need to call their county commissioners and really push that a new library is not the thing we need. We have all these satellite branch libraries in Cedar Bluff and Farragut. If you need something from downtown, you order it and itís there in a day.

ē It is absolutely a shame that the city of Farragut is not trying to do anything for either the south or west end of Turkey Creek Road. We meet school buses daily (on) this road, and coming on the curves. Itís not the school bus driversí fault, but theyíll have two wheels over the yellow lines. Why doesnít the city of Farragut (fix) this area? Another thing: the older people that live in the Concord area are absolutely scared to death that Farragut is going to try and annex them into the city and take over their property.

ē Iím a bike rider, and Iíd like to comment concerning other bike riders that may not know some of the rules of riding bikes. It is customary for bike riders to ride with the traffic in a single file, and walk against traffic. Iíve noticed that a lot of bike riders, particularly couples, ride against traffic side-by-side, and that is a hazard. The other comment I would like to make: Coming out of the Firestone/McDonaldís (exit) onto Kingston Pike, there is a no-left-turn sign, and Iíve noticed that a lot of people are turning left and there is going to be an accident ó which Iíve already seen once. Please pay attention to that no-left-turn sign.

ē I advocate rezoning the kids north of the interstate so that they will go to Karns High School. I am a parent of children who presently attend Farragut High School and West Valley Middle School. I also advocate the building of a school. As it stands now for my children, even if they started building a new high school tomorrow, my youngest child would not benefit from attending a new school. The rezoning would relieve the crowding as quickly as possible, and I will be paying taxes for all options, and I would like for my children to attend schools where there is less crowding.

ē Iím calling in regards to the through the lens (question) April 22 (concerning rezoning). My only concern is that Karns is down to have an addition in the budget that was approved by the Knox County School Board members. Karns is not supposed to have an addition put on until (2006) and (2007). Farragut High School wasnít supposed to have an addition put on until (2008) and (2009). My question is, if Farragut is the one that is overcrowded now, why are they building onto Karns first? It is a school that is not crowded at this point. Why donít they flip the calendar and do Farragut in í06 and í07 and then do Karns in í08 and í09? I do realize that theyíre anticipating growth out in the Hardin Valley area. But the growth is not there yet, and the true growth is in Farragut right now, and Farragut is the one that is overcrowded. I think somebody should question the school board in regards to the budgeting amounts and why is Karns put first over Farragut?

ē Keeping Farragut residents in Farragut schools? What about the non-Farragut residents that have to go to the school? I prefer to transfer my child to Bearden if at all possible. The Knox County school system should have the power, unless Farragut High School wants to become its own school zone.


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