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• May 2: Police were advised by a South Williamsburg woman that her vehicle had been stolen (as was reported in a prior policereports). The victim stated she had loaned the car to a suspect, who stated that the vehicle was malfunctioning and he was going to get it repaired. Police were advised by Huntington County, N.J., police that the vehicle had been involved in a motor vehicle accident and had been towed to East Side Service in New Jersey. The driver of the vehicle was arrested on drug charges. The arrestee was in the company of an unknown juvenile. The arrestee gave an East Glenwood address as his residence.

• May 3: Police were called to a Boring Road residence in response to a burglary call. On arrival, officers found that a passage door had been kicked open leading into the residence. The victim reported nothing missing but a collection of coins. The victim also reported that an adjacent apartment was also burglarized. Both residences were rummaged.

• May 4: A Throwbridge Lane resident reported to police that four pieces of her mail had been stolen from her mailbox. The victim reported that she had placed the mail in her mailbox the previous night. The victim further reported that a worker at a church on Union Road recovered a check and an envelope belonging to the victim on the side of the road near the church.

• May 4: Police were called to a Watt Road area in response to an alleged robbery at knifepoint. Police were advised by a homeless man that he was approached by three suspects armed with pocket knives underneath the Watt Road bridge. The trio demanded the man’s property ( a sleeping bag, a pocket book and clothing ). The victim was not injured as a result of the assault. The names of two of the assailants were provided by another officer, who had encountered the duo on another call.

• May 4: Police were called to the Weigel’s Farm Store at Old Stage in response to a strongarm robbery. The Weigel’s worker and a witness told police that the suspect, a female, came behind the counter at the store and put an unknown object in his back and stated: “Open the cash register and give me all the money.” The victim opened the register and the suspect grabbed a handful of money then left the store along with a 12-pack of beer and a 20-ounce bottle of Tropicana juice. The victim stated that a second suspect was observed loitering outside the store by the payphone when the suspect fled the building. The male suspect was the driver of the get-away vehicle, a late 1980s Ford Tempo or Mercury Sable.

• May 5: An Ivy Chase Lane man reported to police that a man identifying himself as a Walker Springs Road man stated that he wanted the victim to meet him someplace and that if he didn’t he was just prolonging something that was going to happen anyway. The victim stated that there have been numerous telephone calls where the suspect allegedly threatens to “beat the crap” out of the victim and “leave him in a grave.” The victim does not know the suspect, but the suspect is dating the victim’s ex-girlfriend.

• May 5: An Ivy Chase Lane man reported receiving threatening telephone calls. The victim stated that the suspect called his telephone and began to make bodily harm threats toward the victim. The suspect told the victim to meet him out somewhere and that he, the suspect, was going to finish this. The suspect told the victim he was “gonna make sure the victim was put into the ground.” This has been an ongoing problem with the victim and the suspect for about four months. On numerous occasions the suspect has allegedly threatened the victim with bodily harm. The suspect has also attempted to engage the victim in fist fights when out in public.

• May 5: A worker at the Petro’s fueling center on Watt Road reported to police that a motorist pumped $26.56 in fuel and left without paying.

• May 5: A worker at the U-Haul store in Farragut reported renting a trailer to a Loudon resident. When the trailer was not returned, the worker called the listed telephone number and found it to be disconnected. The trailer was listed on the NCIC and later canceled.

• May 5: Police were advised to cancel the NCIC on the above listed trailer by U-Haul personnel.

• May 5: A Sallings Road couple reported to police that a Campbell Station Road suspect attempted to rob them in the couple’s driveway. The woman victim told police that when she pulled into her driveway, she noticed the suspect vehicle pull in behind her and stop. The woman stated that the suspect opened the door of her vehicle and told the woman victim that she had a gun and wanted money. The woman victim stated at this time her husband got out of their vehicle and began fighting with the suspect. The suspect then fled on foot toward Kingston Pike. The suspect left her vehicle, a 1989 Ford Tempo, and identification at the victim’s residence. The vehicle is registered to an Armstrong Avenue couple.

• May 6: A worker at the Petro’s fueling center on Watt Road reported the theft of $19.37 in fuel.

• May 8: An Altamira Drive resident reported to police that someone broke out the passenger-side window of his vehicle and stole a wallet and other items from the vehicle. The vehicle was parked at the residence.

• May 8: Police were advised by an Altamira Drive resident that a briefcase belonging to the victim, which had been stolen from the victim’s vehicle, had been found on the side of the road.

• May 9: A Baltusrol Drive resident reported to police that someone had stuffed his mailbox with leaves.

• May 9: Police arrested a Virtue Road man after he allegedly shoved his girlfriend down during an argument at the residence.

• May 9: Police were called by a West Kingsgate Road resident, who reported that his vehicle had been stolen. The complainant told police that he lives at the Kingsgate address and owns the property across the street as well. The complainant advised that he loaned the vehicle, a pickup truck, to the suspect to go back and forth to work. The victim stated that through the suspect’s brother that the suspect is going through rehabilitation but took the vehicle on the provided times and dates. The suspect allegedly started back on drugs and cannot remember if he gave the keys to someone else or if the keys were stolen from him. The vehicle is missing from Knox County.

• May 9: A vehicle belonging to a Loudon man, which was reported missing from the Regal Cinemas parking lot in Farragut, was found in driveable condition parked at Woodland Trace Apartments. The victim drove the vehicle home.

• May 11: A worker at the Favorite Market on Campbell Station Road reported the theft of $13.99 in fuel.

• May 11: A Dineen Road resident reported to police that he observed a suspect drive through his yard and hit his mailbox and then flee the scene. Officers reported that they found the vehicle parked at the suspect’s address with front-end damage.

• May 11: Police were called to a Butternut Circle address in response to a domestic assault. The victim stated that the suspect, the victim’s husband, started a verbal argument over personal matters. The suspect then pushed and hit the victim. The victim was treated at Baptist West Hospital for minor injuries to her left shoulder and arm.

• May 11: A Briar Gate Road resident reported to police that two prescriptions of OxyContin were taken from his residence. The victim alleges that the only person in the home during the day was a house cleaner.


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