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The no commitment perm

The latest trend in modern hairstyling is an updated version of the roller set of days gone by, called water perming.

Hair stylists refer to water perming as a “change without commitment” and offer this service to their clients as an alternative to the classic perm.

The stylists at MOPS Hair Designers, located in Fort Sanders West, recommend water perming as a way for a woman to change her hair as quickly and easily as she changes her mind.

Co-owner Deanna Queener said, “Curly hair is coming back. Today, many women color-treat their hair, and when you add another process such as a perm to the hair, it tends to get dry and damaged.”

Queener added, “Movie stars get water perms all of the time. Celebrities change their hair to compliment an ensemble or to fit an occasion, and we can too.”

Kyra Womac, a seventh-grade student at West Valley Middle School was treated to a water perm and transformed her long, straight hair to bouncy, feminine curls in about an hour.

After shampooing, Womac’s hair was rolled in large perm rods. Alternating sizes of the perm rods were used resulting in a variation of curl. A thickening spray gel was applied to the hair prior to rolling.

“The spray gel is today’s version of ‘Dipity Do’ from the 1960s,” Queener said.

Womac sat under a hair dryer, until her hair was completely dry. Once the perm rods were removed, the hair was separated, styled with the fingers and sprayed with hair spray.

Womac was all smiles when the styling was complete, and said, “I really like it.”

The water perm typically lasts for four to five days, but may last as long as a week or more, depending on when the hair is shampooed. Shampooing the hair will remove the curl. The cost of a water perm is approximately $65 for shoulder length hair.

Queener said, “Sometimes a client will wear her hair down for a few days and then wear an ‘up-do’ for a different effect.”

In order for the client to get the most wear out of her water perm, Queener recommends a shower cap in the shower, separating the hair with the fingers and applying a little hair spray. She added that it is important for the client not to brush or comb her hair unless she wants a frizzy curl look. Queener also recommends sleeping on a satin pillowcase to prevent the hair from getting matted down.

Queener and co-owner Karen Stokes have been in business at MOPS Hair Designers, 280 Fort Sanders West Blvd. (across the sidewalk from the fitness center), for about six weeks, and each have approximately 10 years experience in hair styling.

For more information call 865-560-6677.


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