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• I was surprised that the West Knox County Homeowners Association was unaware of this Wheel Tax. It’s been better communicated than anything I’ve seen in a long time. (County Mayor Mike) Ragsdale’s budget message, county commission’s public meeting where most people spoke in favor of the new library. Good reasons have also been covered by other media. So I think it’s time that we have a new library.

• I believe Mayor Ragsdale’s proposed budget would benefit Knox County greatly. From downtown to West Knoxville, with the mayor’s plan there will be money enough for a new downtown library as well as a (new) west high school. I do hope that his budget is approved.

• I was calling about the (proposed new) library, it’s still is being covered in the press and on the editorial page. I think it’s wrong to suggest that people haven’t had the opportunity to speak about it, or that people aren’t supportive of it. At the public hearing before the county commission about 30 people got up and spoke and almost all of them were in favor of the proposed budget, and in favor of a downtown library and in support of raising the money to follow that progressive kind of step or agenda. So I think Mike Ragsdale’s on the right track, and I think he has a lot more support for it than the press is indicating.

• I’m a local realtor and a wanted to call in and express my concern about the impatience of drivers in the Farragut area. It is marked plainly on my car by two magnets on either side, and my front tag, that I’m a realtor, and yet three times recently when showing property in Farragut I’ve had folks blow the horn at me (and) blow by me because I was driving slowly through a neighborhood. And I just wanted to express my concerns. The people that I was working with were million dollar buyers from Maryland and very upset with the attitudes of our local drivers. So please think about that when you’re driving through neighborhoods and blowing at someone. They may be willing to buy a home in your neighborhood, and next time it might be your house.

• I’m calling in regards to the phrasing of the through the lens Wheel Tax question. You write, “Perhaps the caller is confused. The throughthelens questions made no mention of bureaucrats and pay raises ... .” The through the lens caption on page 4 of the May 6 edition reads in part: “Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale proposed a $30 Wheel Tax be assessed … to relieve the financial woes of Knox County and give the county bureaucrats a raise on the taxpayers’ nickel” … I think you owe the caller an apology.

Editor’s note: the throughthelens item in question did not mention bureaucrats or pay raises, but regardless of that, government is a bureaucracy and those who work for it, who are not elected, are bureaucrats.

• Regarding the $150 million library for downtown, it certainly is needed. However, it will not attract people to it unless there’s free parking. As far as the $30 Wheel Tax is concerned, I think it’s time to erect toll booths at both ends of Knox County on 1-75 and 1-40 and collect a toll on all these big trucks that are going through here.

• I was reading the farragutpress (recently), and I was surprised at the number of people who commented about the lack of parking at the main library. I just wanted you to know that there is free parking at the main library right now. Anyone can park in the local street garage, and then go to the library and have their ticket stamped and they get free parking. People seem to be ignorant of this fact, so I wonder how knowledgeable they were about everything else they said about the library? The new library would have even more free parking.


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