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• May 2: A worker at Farragut Health Care on Kingston Pike reported to police that while she was at work she heard a car alarm sounding in the parking lot. On investigation, she discovered that an unknown suspect had attempted to pry open her car door setting off the alarm.

• May 17: A worker at the Weigel’s Farm Store on Smith Road reported the theft of $60 in fuel.

• May 18: A worker at the Favorite Market on Campbell Station Road reported to police that a suspect had entered the store and purchased lottery tickets. The suspect took the tickets to the back of the store and got two cases of beer and left the store without paying. The complainant stated that this suspect had committed the same act the prior month.

• May 18: A Sailview Road resident reported to police that her daughter’s cellular telephone was missing from her backpack. The phone was noticed missing while the victim was at Farragut High School.

• May 18: Police were called to Campbell Station Primary Care on Kingston Pike in response to a disturbance call. On arrival, officers were told by the complainant that a patient, the suspect, entered the doctor’s office stating her medication had been stolen and demanded more medication. The suspect was told that the medication could not be refilled, the suspect became argumentative in the presence of other patients and at one point stated she was going to blow up the building. The suspect’s doctor had discharged the suspect from further care and explained that the suspect is no longer welcomed on the property. Later, Knoxville Police Department officers responded to a disturbance at the suspect’s North 5th Street residence and the suspect was transported for psychiatric evaluation.

• May 19: A Foxford Drive resident reported to police that he was the victim of a road rage incident. The victim stated he was traveling in his car on Midhurst Drive and came up on slow-moving traffic. The victim stated he honked his horn at the vehicle in front of him. This action angered the suspect, who began to slam on his brakes in front of the victim. The victim also stated the suspect made aggressive hand gestures toward the victim. The victim stated that the suspect acted as though he had a gun pointed at the victim. The victim said he did not see any weapons.

• May 19: Police were advised by a Michigan man that while looking for a friend in the parking lot of the Petro’s Fueling Center on Watt Road a man came from beneath a trailer wielding a large “Bowie” knife and stuck it to the victim’s side demanding “all you got.” The victim stated he turned over his wallet and belongings then the suspect fled.

• May 19: Police were advised by a Woodchase Drive resident via E-911 that her ex-husband, the suspect, was prowling around the victim’s residence. The victim was not at home during the time of the E-911 call, but was being updated by her 17-year-old daughter, who was home alone. The suspect was allegedly seen tampering with a gas grill on the back porch of the residence. The suspect had also pulled flowers out of the ground from the front yard. Police were told that a couple of days prior to this incident, the suspect had poured gas onto the grass in all areas surrounding the victim’s residence. The victim stated that she has been divorced from the suspect for more than a year and that he is now jealous of her new boyfriend.

• May 19: A Gwinhurst Road resident reported to police that the vehicle his daughter had been driving was vandalized while parked at a Kingston Pike address. The complainant stated that his daughter had driven the vehicle to the area to attend a baseball game and while attending the baseball game the passenger-side window had been broken out and the victim’s wallet had been taken.


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