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LetterToTheEditor — Reader disagrees with Mayor Ford liability for street safety statement

Dear Editor:

Regarding the discussion about narrowing the entrance road to slow down traffic in the proposed McFee farm subdivision, I believe Mayor Ford may be mistaken in declaring members of the Municipal Planning Commission could be held liable if the streets prove to be unsafe.

It seems to me the governor would then be held responsible for TDOT placing highway signs at the point of decision instead of beforehand, and also for designing roadway geometry without sufficient storage at “off” ramps and sufficient acceleration lanes at “on” ramps, or for constructing the eastbound ramp to I-40 from Pellissippi Expressway three times in fifteen years.

The County Mayor (County Executive) would then be held accountable for the three years of disruption of schools, businesses and communities while the county contractors scheduled construction in such a manner that pavement was poured three times to complete construction of secondary arterial roads as was done at Westland Drive and also to Hardin Valley roads.

The solution to the McFee farm entrance is to widen the right of way and construct an entrance with a shrub-filled grassy parkway between pavement lanes. The entrance lane would be complete with speed bumps. The exit lane would become the entrance road for emergency and police equipment only. Enforcement of posted signs for improperly using the exit lanes must be substantial, more in line with reckless endangerment or interfering with emergency vehicles.

Harry Hogan


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