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Town to discuss impact fees in FY2005

Farragut developers could soon be faced with impact fees following discussions by the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen in its next fiscal year beginning in July.

Farragut Mayor Eddy Ford brought up the subject of impact fees as part of a workshop discussion during the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meeting June 17.

The discussion stemmed from a request by Jim Burritt, representing the Concerned Citizens for Responsible Growth and Development, a citizen group from Brixworth subdivision, requesting the MPC amend the text of the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 3, Section III. Rural Single-Family Residential District (R-1), A., to require access to a street which meets the minimum design standards established in the Farragut Subdivision Regulations.

Burritt, along with fellow group member Mike Mitchell, approached the commission to request that the town unify all zoning districts to have the same requirements. R-1 does not have similar street access language.

Ford said, “I hope that the town would move in just the opposite direction and remove this zoning requirement from all the zone, R-2, R-3 and R-4.”

Ford went on to explain that “land goes through different zoning phases … I contend that if there are to be an impact fees in the town of Farragut they should be applied at the preliminary plat stage.

“When you actually have a development in front of you, you’re ready to go forth, at the same time this gives developers the opportunity to look at different zoning, find out what may happen, get the funding, get the development plans in place … that takes years.”

Ford added that in the case of the property on which Brixworth subdivision lies, a property originally owned by Ford’s aunt and uncle, the property was rezoned from agriculture to R-2S in 1988.

“Turkey Creek Road wasn’t rebuilt until 1997,” he said, “so, the land laid around for all those years before we got around to improving Turkey Creek Road phase two. So here’s this time element, where I don’t think that we should have this requirement for access to a road as a standard to the zoning process.”

Burritt contended that “as the population of the town has increased, rural roads are already over design capacity to safely handle the traffic volume. New R-1 developments create a traffic safety hazard, which endangers town residents who depend on these rural roads to travel to school, work, market and home. The developer must make the road that leads to the development safe.”

Commission chairman Bob Hill concurred with Ford that amending the R-1 zoning ordinance would not be an appropriate course of action.

Attorney John King commented that “rarely does the infrastructure meet its needs.”

The commission took no action on the requested change.

The commission also entertained a request to amend the text of the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 4, Section IX. Gasoline Service Stations, B., 5., to reduce the minimum width of the driveway separating pump islands and building from 40 to 30 feet (Pilot Corporation, Applicant).

Roy Parsons, speaking on behalf of the Pilot Corporation, made the request in consideration of the remodeling project. Pilot has planned for its fueling station on Campbell Station Road this year.

Ruth Hawk, town community development director, said that the “staff recommends” amending the ordinance because the town standard “exceeds National Fire Protection Association requirements,” according to town Fire Marshall Dan Johnson. Hawk said the staff found the request to “be very reasonable” and found 30 feet an acceptable distance.

Parsons said that Pilot planned to “move forward” with its Campbell Station Road project and that “Pilot Corporation is very aggressive in its rebuilding program” and planned to complete the project this year.

Parsons added that part of the project would include removing billboards from the site.

To this announcement Ford said, “Bless you, my child.”

Hill asked that the request be added to the next commission agenda.

The commission also heard a request to amend the text of the Farragut Municipal Code, Title 9, Chapter 4, Section 9-406., to permit wall signage on more than one side of a building (SES, Inc. CVS/Pharmacy Corporation).

Hawk said that the request indicated a “very significant change to our ordinance” and that the staff recommended denying the request.

A spokesman for CVS argued that the current signage requirement resulted in an unfair advantage for its competitor Walgreen’s, which was across the street from the CVS in question.

Commissioner Carol Evans said, “It is not our responsibility to even the playing field … most (residents of Farragut) know where CVS is and don’t want an inordinate amount of signage.”

Evans suggested that one thing that could help improve the visibility of CVS at Kingston Pike and Smith Road would be to “trim the bushes.”

In other business:

The commission unanimously passed a request for access to Concord Road, classified as a Major Arterial on the Major Road Plan, Farragut Municipal Code, Title 16, Chapter 4, Driveways and Other Access Ways, Section 16-404. Permit required, located on the east side of Concord Road between Loop Road and the First Utility District access drive (Leland Johnson, Applicant).

The commission unanimously passed a request to rezone a portion of Parcels 63, 63.02 & 63.03, Tax Map 151, located on the south side of Kingston Pike, west of Way Station Trail adjacent to Old Stage Hills subdivision, from R-2 to C-1, approximately 4 Acres (Myers Bros. Holdings, Applicant).

The commission unanimously passed a request to rezone Parcel 89.01, Tax Map 151, located at the end of Deadwood Road, adjacent to Old Stage Hills subdivision, from R-2 to O-1, 5 Acres (Myers Bros. Holdings, Applicant).

The commission unanimously passed a Concept Plan for Cool Springs subdivision, Parcel 39, Tax Map 151, located on the north side of Fleenor Road adjacent to Sedgefield subdivision, 10.6 Acres, 23 Lots, Zoned R-1/OSR (Land Development Solutions, Applicant).


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