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Learn ways to improve your short game

Last time I wrote on making solid contact with your driver. This article is going to be on how to handle those pesky short shots that give us so much trouble.

When most people begin to play golf they focus most of their attention on learning golf from the tee to the green. When a beginner comes to me we spend most of the time learning from the green back to the tee.

Do not get me wrong, the full swing is very important, but if you learn to hit it long and straight, but you are unable to control a 30 yard or shorter shot, then it does not matter how straight or how long you can hit it.

The first step in learning the short shots is learning to control the speed of the shot. What I mean about this is you can have the best alignment possible but if chips or putts are stopping 15 feet short or going 15 feet by the hole, then you will never have a good opportunity to make the putt. But if your speed is good and your alignment is a little off, then you can leave yourself three feet or closer to the hole.

These putts are a lot easier to make. Once this skill is accomplished then your score will start dropping and those pesky short shots will no longer be a problem.


When your ball is lying on the putting surface and you are getting ready to putt, the flag stick needs to move far enough away from the hole so that your ball doesn’t touch it.

If your ball does touch the flagstick or flag while your playing a shot from the green there is a two shot penalty. So be very careful and pay attention to where you or your playing partners place the flagstick.

To learn how to develop the skill of the short game contact your Local PGA Professional or contact me at Concord Park Junior Golf Course 966-9103.

Keith McElroy, a monthly golf tips columnist for the

farragutpress, is a PGA Professional at the Concord Park Junior Course .


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