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• July 8: A Farragut man was the victim of a Class A misdemeanor theft. On an unknown date and time, the suspect(s) took personal checks without the victim’s permission. On Thursday, July 8, the victim received a call from Knight’s Inn, Kingston. The clerk informed the victim that the suspect tried to cash a check in the amount of $245. On that same day, another suspect wrote a check for $290 to Mid-South PawnBrokers, Kingston. The suspects tried to purchase a projection TV and a diamond ring. One suspect, described as a homeless man, was later arrested.

• July 9: First National Bank of Knoxville, 10514 Kingston Pike, reported a Class D theft, check forgery. The complainant stated that the suspect came into the West Knoxville Branch and cashed a check for $1,500. The bank later discovered that the check had been taken from another victim during a home burglary in June.

• July 9: A Knoxville woman reported a vehicular burglary along Campbell Station Road. The victim stated that she parked her vehicle in a nearby parking lot, and when she came back she found the front side passenger window had been broken out. The victim stated her purse was missing. Approximately two-and-one-half hours later the purse was found at the Cracker Barrel on Cedar Bluff Road, and the only thing missing was $10.

• July 11: A Texas man reported he was the victim of an auto accident at Petro’s fueling center. The victim stated that the suspect backed his car into the victim’s car while he was in line to get fuel.

• July 11: Petro’s fueling center reported the theft of $10.55 worth of gas.

• July 13: A criminal trespassing warning was given to an Ohio woman at Petro’s fueling center. An officer was patrolling the parking lot at Petro’s fueling center while working an extra job, and observed the suspect walking in the lot and acting suspicious when she spotted the officer. The officer later located the suspect in the cab of a truck after receiving a tip from another driver. Record checks indicated no outstanding warrants. The officer discovered the suspect to be pregnant, and arranged for the suspect to stay at the rescue mission. The officer advised the suspect that she was not allowed on this property anymore, and if found on the property again she would be subject to arrest. The suspect was transported to the mission.

• July 13: A Farragut woman reported that she was the victim of a forcible purse snatching along Kingston Pike in Farragut. An officer responded to the strong armed robbery, and upon arrival at the scene the victim stated that an unknown white male had stolen her purse. The victim further stated that the suspect was hanging out of the passenger side window of a small gold or tan two-door car. An unknown second suspect drove the car. The white male suspect pulled the purse off of the victim’s shoulder while the suspect’s vehicle was moving. This caused the victim to fall onto the asphalt. The victim is five weeks pregnant and received small scrapes on her knees and arm. A nearby business has a video system focused on the parking lot and did get a glance of the suspect’s vehicle. The business’s manager said he would make a copy of the tape and make it available to police.

• July 13: A Class E felony theft ($500 to $999) was reported from Southern Design Landscaping of Knoxville. At approximately 2:25 p.m. the complainant advised that when he was mowing the lawn at the Walgreen’s when he noticed that one of the back blowers was missing.

• July 13: An officer responded to a domestic incident at a Farragut business along Kingston Pike. Upon the officer’s arrival, the victim stated that her husband had pushed her down after grabbing her arm. The victim stated that the suspect started a verbal argument, and that she threw a glass of water on the suspect and the computer he was near. The suspect stated that she hit him with the glass. The victim did have an order of protection with social contact on file. The suspect stated that he grabbed the victim’s arms after the victim threw the water on him. The victim stated that this was true. Both stated that they would separate.

• July 12: A hit-and-run incident with property damage was reported on Concord Road. The victim stated she stopped on Concord Road near Kingston Pike, turning right into Wendy’s where she works, when a vehicle, possibly black, began backing into the intersection and struck her vehicle in the right rear. The responding officer advised the complainant of her legal rights.

• July 12: Petro’s fueling center reported that an unknown suspect pumped $40 worth of gas and then left without paying.

• July 12: A Newport man was the victim of an attempted motorcycle theft. The victim stated that he had to leave his motorcycle overnight at the location of the incident along Kingston Pike, and came back on July 12 around 2 p.m. to discover that someone attempted to steal his motorcycle. The key ignition, with an anti-theft mechanism, was damaged.

• July 12: Super 8 motel of Farragut reported vandalism, disorderly conduct and miscellaneous disturbance. The victim stated that the suspects in one of the motel rooms had been drinking and creating a disturbance with other guests. Officers found numerous empty beer cans around the pool area and found the suspects hiding in one of the rooms. Both suspects were intoxicated and had several juvenile females hiding in the bathroom. One of the suspects was naked. On three occasions the office was contacted by guests stating that they wanted their money back due to the suspects’ actions. The suspects also vandalized the fire extinguisher by the pool and damaged the walls in their room.

• July 14: A South Carolina woman was the victim of a Class A theft on Outlets Drive, Knoxville. The victim stated that she and members of her group stayed overnight at the West Park Inn. At approximately 10:30 p.m. they walked over to Cotton Eyed Joe and returned to their room at approximately 11:30 p.m. After leaving Knoxville the next day, the victim discovered her day planner was not in her bag. The victim said she had the bag with the day planner hidden under a pillow when they went to Cotton Eyed Joe. The victim said someone had apparently used a key to enter their room while they were gone, and added that there was at least one employee standing outside that night when they left the room. The victim does not have a definite suspect.

• July 14: Petro’s fueling center reported the theft of $10 worth of gasoline. The complainant stated that at 12:30 p.m. a while female in her mid- to late-20s drove off without playing. The complainant said the suspect came in and asked where the restrooms were. When she came out she asked the clerk if they accepted food stamps. The complainant said she answered no and never saw the suspect again. No tag information was obtained.

• July 14: An area business reported miscellaneous harassing phone calls. A suspect has been identified. The complainant and witness said the suspect was upset at them and called their place of business 60 times for no reason.

• July 14: A Knoxville business reported a Class A misdemeanor theft. The suspect entered the Blue Beacon and asked for an application for employment. When the complainant left the room and came back, he and others noticed about $400 was missing and the suspect was gone and the lock on the lockbox was broken-off. The business was dusted for fingerprints.

• July 14: A Knoxville man reported that he’s received miscellaneous threatening phone calls. The victim stated that the suspect left a threatening message on his cell phone. The victim stated that the suspect was upset that the victim had taken out a criminal summons for harassment against the suspect. The suspect stated that if the victim didn’t take care of the summons he was going to harm him. The suspect made several threats to harm the victim on the phone messages.

• July 14: A Delaware truck driver reported that his tractor-trailer was burglarized along Campbell Station Road. The victim stated that an unknown suspect damaged the passenger door and window to enter the vehicle and steal various items.

• July 14: Petro’s fueling center reported the theft of gasoline, as the suspect pumped the gas then drove off without paying.

• July 15: An Alabama man was the victim of a vehicular burglary on Lovell Road. The victim stated that between midnight and 5 a.m. the unknown suspect(s) stole his helicopter helmet, worth $900, out of his helicopter that was in the parking lot of Best Western motel. The victim advised that the helicopter was not locked. The helmet has a microphone and sun visor. Nothing else was reported missing.


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