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I was appalled to read the article in the local newspaper concerning the excessive spending by TVA on the $300,000 skyboxes at Bristol (Motor) Speedway, $6,000 meals with unlimited liquor, beer and wine, and $45 cigars. The article was correct to state that TVA passed its costs on to the local distributors and the distributors pass them on to the ratepayers. They fail to mention the amount of excess spending by the local distributors is also added, and the ratepayers really get a double whammy. Ironically, I received my electricity bill the same day I read the article. The bill had doubled from the last month, and I only had five days to pay or an additional five-percent would be added. This is an annual percentage rate of 365 percent. If I donít pay within five days, the same people who set in the skyboxes, eat the dinners, drink the booze and smoke the cigars will cut off my electricity service without additional notice. Isnít this a great country or what?

ē I am calling because I would like the Farragut voters to realize that Diane Jablonski is not what we need in Nashville. She is very harsh, a very hateful woman, does not listen to her constituents and proved that over and over on the school board. Diane Jablonski was very useless when it came to trying to get a new school in West Knoxville. I donít think we would be sitting in the situation weíre in had she done her job the eight years that she served on the board. Again, I just hope the voters pay attention and realize that this is not the woman that you want representing you in Nashville. I donít think that she would be an asset, I think that she would be a detriment to all the constituents involved. Please remember that at voting time, and remember that you want a representative who will listen to your opinions, will follow through on your comments and will be not aggressive, harsh and obnoxious.

ē Iím calling about the school bus seatbelts. No way would it be feasible because it would be hard to enforce. Many kids would just unbuckle them as soon as the bus took off. And if the seatbelts needed to be released by an adult hand, such actions may be too late in the event of a bus crash where the bus caught on fire and the students would need to flee the bus immediately. Children might burn to death waiting for an adult, or even a few adults, to come and unbuckle them.

ē Iím calling in support of David Wright, who is running for the 18th District State Representative seat. David is the right man for the job; he is a seasoned businessman, a local Knoxvillian. He has done numerous works in Knox County, and he is there for his constituents, and will be. And when heís not in Nashville, everyone knows exactly where theyíd be able to find him to voice their concerns or talk to him about the issues, and thatís at Wrightís Cafeteria. Heís put in numerous, numerous years. I just hope the constituents of the 18th District realize that he would be a great voice for you and your family and your children in Nashville Ö Itís going to be the Wright way to vote.

ē Now we learn from the 9/11 Commission that Iran has direct connections to al-Qaida. People have known for years that Iran and Iraq have hated each other since Ronald Reagan helped arm Saddam (Hussein) so he could attack Iran for us. Bush, with his total lack of foreign policy experience and total lack of wisdom and judgement, would now have us invade and occupy Iran on credit. Bush is wrong on the war, heís wrong for America. Like father like son, one term is enough.

ē About the pressview (presstalk) about school bus seatbelts, it seems to me like airbags may make more sense, unless it would be so outrageously expensive. The airbags would be placed in each back seat to benefit the children sitting in the next bench behind it. Front row seats would have a special airbag area. This wouldnít help with kids shifting laterally in case of an accident, but I would allow the kids to more easily run for it in case of a crash where they needed to get out quickly. Young children may not be able to undo their own seatbelt in case of an emergency, and by the time the bus driver or someone else could get to all the kids, it may be too late.

ē I noticed in Mr. (Parkey) Straderís bio that he mentions that Jeremiah Hughes is one of his ancestors who led the Trail of Tears march. Iím just wondering if Mr. Strader is aware that thatís probably one of the more shameful periods in American history. Over 4,000 Cherokees died on that march, and it was done in spite of the fact that the Supreme Court had ruled that march to be illegal. But President (Andrew) Jackson insisted on it anyway. That would not be something that I think that Iíd be very proud of.


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