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Fireworks illegal in Farragut, Knox County

The Fourth of July, Independence Day, stirs a wealth of excitement for all Americans.

It signals the anniversary of our independence as a nation and provides a day for fun, food, friends and family.

Town of Farragut Fire Marshal Dan Johnson said, “Don’t let a firework-related mishap diminish from the celebration.”

The position, storage, sale or use of fireworks within the town of Farragut, and throughout Knox County, is illegal. Not only is this prohibited by the Standard Fire Prevention Code, as adopted by the town of Farragut, but it is specifically prohibited by the Farragut Municipal Code.

Special permits are granted to professional fireworks displays which require licensed and bonded individuals performing the firing. Those individuals have been trained in the proper set-up and firing of such explosive devices. They have, in place, multiple lines of protection to minimize any accidents.

“Safe and sane fireworks don’t exist,” said Dr. John Hall, National Fire Prevention Association assistant vice president of fire analysis and research.

Johnson concurs.

“As the fire official for the town of Farragut,” he said, “I couldn’t agree more. In recent years, fireworks have been one of the leading causes of injuries serious enough to require hospital emergency room treatment throughout the United States.”

Johnson added that injuries from fireworks can include burns, scarring, eye injuries, permanent disfigurement and even death. Children are especially excited and curious about fireworks, which adds to the risk of injury.

“The unpredictability of fireworks,” Johnson said, “add to their dangerous nature. Fuse timing and direction of travel cannot be determined and therefore add to the danger involved in the use of consumer fireworks. Additionally, those same factors multiply the possibility of a firework unintentionally igniting nearby brush or structures. Nationwide, firework related fires have caused upwards of fifteen million dollars in damages yearly, in the past.”

For all individuals who wish to celebrate in a safe and considerate manner, Johnson recommends attending a professional fireworks display. Some fireworks events in the area include Lenoir City Park at 10 p.m., July 3rd, and at 9:45, July 4, at City Park in Kingston.

Johnson asks that residents please contact the Farragut Fire Prevention Office for additional questions or concerns at 675-2384.


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