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• Although I personally am not thrilled at the prospect of having to spend another $30 every year on my license tag, I quite frankly would rather have a $30 wheel tax than another hike in our property taxes. It’s amazing to me that so many people are up in arms about this, and yet they seem to forget that over the past several years our property taxes have escalated out of hand in Knox County.

And the thing is, the property owners are the ones who are paying the majority of the taxes. Renters don’t pay the taxes, people who are on assistance and get federal subsidies don’t pay the taxes. People who come through and just stay for a short period of time at trailer parks or campgrounds and so forth, do not pay the taxes. It’s time that our tax laws be totally revamped and revised and that everybody should have to pay their fair share, not just the people who go to work every day and do that because they can own a home.

( Editor’s note: Most renters and short-term residents are assessed a portion of property tax through their rent. The payment is not direct as it is for home owners, but it is there nonetheless. )

• Well, the town of Farragut’s done it again. They talk very well like they’re out for all the people that reside in the community. But then they turn right around and they do a stupid thing that puts the safety of the people that they are going to protect in danger. (Saturday’s) Fourth of July parade is an example. They have taken and made a detour between Admiral Road and Sonya so that they can cut off their parade route and route people from Kingston Pike to Campbell Station Road. They’re routing them through a subdivision, there are some major delivery trucks coming through there. They’re not providing law enforcement, and they’re putting the lives of people in that community at risk. These are our town fathers. I just wonder — you ought to ask yourself: “Do they really care about you?” It seems like a façade to me.

• I want to address several issues quickly: No. 1, yes, Saddam Hussein, we needed to go into Iraq and get him out. He’s gone now, we need to pull our troops out. If those people want to keep killing each other that’s their business, leave our people alone. No. 2, the wheel tax. More people are willing to pay more tax, and therefore it will help our local economy. It’s time that property owners quit getting stuck with the majority of the taxes, and working class people get stuck with a majority of the taxes. And also, thank you, thank you, thank you, TDS Telecom for coming in and bringing some cable TV and competition into the Farragut area. Charter’s service and customer service is horrible, their quality is lousy.

• I’m calling in regards to yard signs by political candidates, in particular by Diane Jablonski. I had a sign on my property for Parky Strader, who is my choice for state representative. And someone in the Jablonski campaign came and put one of her signs right in front of Parky’s signs. If this is the kind of person that’s running for the legislature, that they would come onto property and put one of their signs in front of the sign of the person who I’m supporting, that is the type of person we do not need in the legislature. I hope Ms. Jablonski will run her campaign in a manner not like she’s been running it thus far.

• I am somewhat confused. I’m sitting here, enjoying reading the farragutpress from July 1, and the article on the front page of the paper is entitled, “Fireworks illegal in Farragut, Knox County” … for the rest of the article I turn to page 9. But I look back to page 8 and it says, “Free Fireworks, Guaranteed Lowest Prices,” buy fireworks … it’s a whole, one-page color ad on buying fireworks. If it’s illegal to shoot fireworks in Farragut and Knox County, why did you sell an ad to someone that is selling a product that’s illegal to use anywhere in the area? Where do you go to shoot fireworks? Hmmm?

( Editor’s note: While fireworks are illegal in Knox County, they are not illegal in Loudon County, where some of our readers reside. Also, Knox County residents are free to purchase fireworks and legally shoot them off in Loudon County. )


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