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• Yes, I wanted to comment on whether Farragut should pay for county schools. There was an assertion by a caller in your paper (recent presstalk) that Farragut was the same as any other community in Knox County with respect to what they pay for schools. That is not the case. The situation is this: In the past, Knox County and the city of Knoxville, which was the only incorporated community (before 1980), entered into an agreement whereby more of the sales tax money would go to schools than is provided by state law.

When Farragut became a town (1980), it actually sued so it would not have to make that contribution of sales tax collected in Farragut. So, Farragut actually keeps more of the sales tax money for other purposes than either Knox County or Knoxville does. And certainly none of the incorporated communities do anything. So therefore — I don’t know exact figures — but the town is funding a good deal of its work in finances, it’s public works, etc., on the basis of money that it diverted from sales tax from the schools to those purposes. That’s the situation, and they announced it’s perhaps a million bucks a year or something like that. You ought to publish these facts in the paper so that the people have the facts.

• With regards to many of the comments regarding overcrowding in the town of Farragut, giving money back to Knox County, let’s get some facts straight: Approximately 50 percent of Farragut High School students actually live in the town of Farragut. We don’t want a new school in Farragut, we want a new school in a location that will help alleviate the overcrowding of Bearden and Farragut. So why should Farragut give any of their tax dollars back? Regarding (Chuck) James’ representation of Farragut, what representation? I’ve called him several times regarding these issues, and he has yet to return my calls. I’ve asked for an e-mail address, but he cannot provide that either. Ask Mr. James if, as a school board member, has he stepped foot inside the primary school? He cannot represent his Farragut constituents when he doesn’t even know us or our issues. Mr. James has not done a good job representing Farragut, and everyone should remember that at the polls.

( Editor’s note: Chuck James’ district encompasses not only the schools located in Farragut, but the schools in the Karns community as well. )

• I’d just like to say how much I appreciated the (Farragut Fourth of July) parade Saturday, especially the Folklife Museum float and the music, which was really good. The people seemed really happy, and that makes everyone happy.

• How ironic that the so-called “environmentally friendly” Earth Fare health supermarket has taken up residence on Parkside Drive, former home of the wetlands, which was displaced in the name of progress several years ago so people could have new places to shop. Did Earth Fare not do their homework? How on earth can they justify establishing their store in such an environmentally friendly location?

• You know what I think is cool? It’s those guys with the big speakers in their cars that roll down a window and pump that bass all out into the day. Those guys are just so considerate of other people. And they’re never lower class, and I can tell the ladies are impressed. Heck, that might even be cool, maybe into the early ‘90s ... wake up and tell everyone that this is just destructive to the neighborhood. Man, I wish I could be cool like those guys. You know, those guys are cool.

I wanted to thank the many good samaritans who helped me today. After donating blood at the Farragut Town Hall I fainted at the Taco Bell in Farragut. The kind strangers in the restaurant caught me, called an ambulance and continued to offer assistance. The paramedics and EMTs arrived quickly, took care of me and remained with me until my husband arrived. Everyone was very kind and I did not get a chance to thank these anonymous helpers. Thank you.

• On the front-page of your July 1 edition it states that fireworks are illegal in Farragut and Knox County. What a joke. Does anyone know this, or do they even care? Having spent our first Fourth of July in Farragut I was shocked to see so many adults and children disobeying the law. There were more fireworks going off in the Fort West and Rockwell Farms subdivision than at the organized display at World’s Fair Park. And they were just as loud, and they lasted just as long. These fireworks started at three and continued until 11:30 (p.m.) without any break in the action. One couple couldn’t sleep, another dog was terrified and dug out of his yard. And some of us had to go to work on Monday. Where are the police when you need them to enforce the law? A call was made but they never showed up. Maybe they were too busy setting off their own fireworks? It appears there is no punishment for disobeying the law here.

• I’m disappointed that someone took the flags from the entrance to the Hickory Woods subdivision. We had 13 flags on each side. On the night of July 4, someone removed those. I’m a veteran, and I’ve been putting these flags out for the last three years or so, and I’ll continue to do that. But I hope that the people that removed them use ’em and learn what they mean. If they don’t know what they mean, they might come by over here at the subdivision and we’ll tell ’em what the flags are all about.

• I’m calling about Diane Jablonski’s run for state representative. I just got a campaign piece from her saying that she had been on the school board for eight years, and was (mentioning) her involvement in PTA. I was just curious as to why Diane Jablonski, being on the school board for eight years, never pushed for a (new) high school? And why only in the last two years, while Chuck James and Brian Hornback have been on the school board, has there been any talk of a new high school? And county Mayor Mike Ragsdale, in the last two years those gentlemen have been true leaders and have pushed for discussion on a talk for a new high school. And Diane Jablonski sat idly by for eight years and did nothing for the high school. That’s not the type of person we need in Nashville.

• I’m calling about (A.L.) Lotts, otherwise known as Pete Lotts, former school board chairman that represented West Knox County for over 20 years. I read in the paper where he’s endorsed some liberal yankee to be on the school board from the other side of town. I’d like for it to be noted that when he was on the school board, the people in the Cedar Bluff community, over 30 years ago, were asking for a high school to be built at the corner of Fox Lonas Road and Cedar Bluff Road. And (A.L.) said that that site was not doable for a new high school. That site, by the way, is the current home of (Knoxville) Catholic High School. So the reason we’re in the problem we’re in with the high school is because of (A.L.), Tommy Prince and Diane Jablonski.


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