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Campbell Station Road extension complete by April ’06, Mayor says
Fox Run drainage remains topic at FMPC, progress made

The saga of Fox Run subdivision continued at the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meeting held Thursday, July 15, at the Farragut Town Hall assembly room.

Fox Run resident Gary Bishop updated the commission on the current status of the clean up in the mud-slide troubled subdivision (see farragutpress July 8, July 15 issues).

“The city came out and cleaned out behind my house where we had a considerable mud flow and we’ve had a lot of attention and we appreciate very much” the town’s efforts, he said.

Bishop added that Commission Chairman Bob Hill and Commissioner Fred Jones came to the site and took what Bishop described as a “two-hour tour” and were able to see some of the problems and some of the concerns of the residents.

“Tomorrow afternoon (Friday, July 16) about one-thirty, we’re supposed to have another tour,” he said, “(town engineer) Darryl (Smith) is coming, Mr. McClure is coming out and we’re going to walk and look at all the areas in question.”

Mayor Eddy Ford reported to the commission that he had received a letter from the Tennessee Department of Transportation notifying the town “officially” that the “contract for Campbell Station Road extension has been awarded to Renfro Construction Company, the low bidder.

Ford said the total estimated cost of the project, according to TDOT, was $6,364,710, which includes the low bid plus 10 percent for engineering and contingencies.

“The town of Farragut’s share of this cost is fifty percent of that number, which is a slightly different number,” he said, “… the town’s total share is $3,256,729, which has been deposited, these are the key words, in the state treasurer’s local government investment pool. In other words, we have prepaid our cost of the construction.”

He noted that TDOT added that the cost could be adjusted because of cost overruns, and that the bid calls for a completion date on or before April 30, 2006.

On another item, Ford brought to the commission’s attention that Arthur Seymour, one of the developers of the Silver Farm -—now to be called The Farm at Willow Creek — met with the town requesting an agreement in principal between the town and Landstar Development, LLC for cost sharing for improvements to Evans Road.

He added that Landstar is in the process of obtaining approval from the planning commission for a preliminary plat for The Farm at Willow Creek. The developer requested that the town participate in the cost of Evans Road improvement to connector status between Virtue Road and the entrance to the proposed development in the amount of one-third the total cost or $150,000, whichever is less.

“The important thing to note,” he said, “this occurred at exactly the right time, as you’re approaching the preliminary plat process. Until the developer had all his ducks in a row and saw that there was a possibility for success in his or her project, then that’s the time to look into cost sharing if that’s going to be the approach.”

Ford concluded with a third item, adding, “In the background at the state level there is a commission known as the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations. They have a charter to advise the State Legislature on taxation.

“For the last two years we have been tracking their interest in state-shared revenues and what they are in turn recommending to the Legislature. One of the issues that they have been addressing, over the last two years, are those municipalities in the state of Tennessee who do not levy a property tax.”

Ford said that there are currently 83 municipalities in Tennessee that are like Farragut and do not levy a property tax. He added that there are a total of 347 municipalities in the state and noted that Farragut was the largest municipality by population that does not levy a property tax.

“There are some members of the State Legislature who have deep concerns about those of us who don’t levy a property tax,” Ford said. “The commission is continuing to look at this, but at the same time the Tennessee Municipal League and Margaret Mahery, who is the (executive) director, has sent a letter to we, eight-three mayors, advising us that this again is on the radar screen of the Tennessee Advisory Committee of Intergovernmental Relations. The T-M-L is there to try and show the Legislature how effective we are. … We have invited Ross Loder, who is deputy director of the Tennessee Municipal League, to our next meeting of our Board of Mayor and Aldermen … to give us an overview of the activities of this commission and specifically on this subject.”

Ford added that the town has invited candidates running for seats in the State Legislature, who will represent the town of Farragut, to the meeting for an understanding of what the town may be facing in the future and how they might represent the town at the state level.

Following the mayor’s comments, the commission elected officers for the next one-year term. All current commission officers were reelected to their positions. The officers are: Bob Hill, chairman; Ed St. Clair, vice chairman; and Carol Evans, secretary.

The commission approved the following items on the public hearing agenda:

· A request by Patrick Schaad for a variance from the Subdivision Regulations, to increase the sidewalk width to more than 4 feet and to reduce the grass strip width from 3 feet to 2 feet on Lake Heather Road between the clubhouse entrance and Turkey Creek Road, Inverness subdivision, Zoned R-3, approximately 350 feet. (6-0).

· A Concept Plan submitted by Turkey Creek Land Partners, LLC, for The Cove at Turkey Creek, Parcel 9, Tax Map 142DA, known as the Matthews property, bounded by Stonecrest, Farragut View, Woodland Trace, and Sweet Briar subdivisions, 33.95 Acres, 74 Lots, Zoned R-1/OSR. (6-0).

· A request by Turkey Creek Land Partners, LLC, to rezone portions of Parcels 2 & 3, Tax Map 130MK, approximately 27, 250 sq.ft, located adjacent to the Sweet Briar and Stonecrest subdivisions and the Matthews property, from B-1 Buffer Zone to R-1 and OSR, and to rezone portions of Parcel 9, Tax Map 142DA, known as the Matthews property, approximately 29,000 square feet, located adjacent to Sweet Briar and Stonecrest subdivisions from R-1 and OSR to Buffer Zone.(6-0).

· A request by Garron Land Surveying on a resubdivision of Lots 107 & 108, Rockwell Farm - Unit 5, 12945 & 12951 Meadow Pointe Lane, to move an interior property line, Zoned R-3, .666 Acres.(6-0).

· A request by Joe F. McNeely II on a resubdivision of Parcel 6, Tax Map 141MA, 512 Brochardt Blvd., to move a drainage and access easement, Zoned R-2 and Floodplain, .45 Acres. (6-0, with signatures from adjacent land owners, developer and town).

· A request on behalf of Faith Lutheran Church on a resubdivision of excess right-of-way of N. Campbell Station Road and Parcel 127.01, Tax Map 142, 239 Jamestowne Boulevard, Zoned S-1, 5.67 Acres.(6-0).

The commission voted to hear at its next meeting:

· A request by Jim Burritt to amend the text of the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 3, Section III. Rural Single-Family Residential District (R-1), A., to require access to a street which meets the minimum design standards established in the Farragut Subdivision Regulations.

· A request by Weigel Stores, Inc. on a resubdivision of Parcels 16 & 16.01, Tax Map 152, 12001 Kingston Pike, located on the northwest corner of Kingston Pike and Smith Road, Zoned C-1, 2.494 Acres.

In the FMPC workshop, commissioners discussed:

A site plan for Faith Lutheran Church, 239 Jamestowne Blvd., to construct an educational building, Zoned S-1, 5.67 Acres.

The commission heard discussion on requests by the Ralston family as a group.

·A request by Sallie H. Ralston to rezone Parcel 38.01, Tax Map 153, 1109 Concord Road, located on the west side of Concord Road just north of Second Drive, from Agriculture to R-1.

·A request by Sarah Ralston to rezone a portion of Parcel 37.03, Tax Map 153, located on the west side of Concord Road on the north and south side of the First Utility District access drive, from Agriculture to R-1.

·A request by Anne Ralston to rezone Parcel 38, Tax Map 153, 1117 Concord Road, located on the west side of Concord Road between Second Drive and the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks, from Agriculture to R-1.

The petitioner requested he be allowed to amend his rezoning for the three parcels to R-1/OSR.

A Concept Plan submitted by John Kerr Construction Concepts for Hanover Place, Parcels 94 & 94.02, Tax Map 151, located on the northwest corner of Old Stage Road and S. Hobbs Road, 14.08 Acres, 23 Lots, Zoned R-1/OSR.

Community Development Director Ruth Hawk noted that the staff recommended that the entrance designed for this development be moved from its proposed Old Stage Road site to a higher level off a newly constructed Watt Road extension.

The commission indicated that the site of the entrance was better kept as it presently was designed to alleviate having to build a turning lane on the Watt Road extension.


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