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The topic of a new library downtown — now coupled with a transit center — has been a hot topic in several circles about the county.

Seeing that Knox County government is intent on spending dollars to help develop downtown Knoxville, the expenditure proposal raises the question of what is county government doing to help other areas in the county?

The old adage “business follows rooftops” comes to play.

Yes, there has been a migration of residents to the west and yes, business has followed, leaving for the most part a deserted downtown Knoxville.

But, why should government feel the need to take revenue from people who speculated well and built their businesses to supplement those business people who chose otherwise?

When conventions come to the new center downtown — which operates at about $35,000 per day — how much economic impact is felt out west?

Does a downtown street party help put revenue in the pockets of a small restaurant in the Cedar Bluff community?

The question arises, should government spend tax dollars to take revenue from one Knox County business and put it in the cash register of another?

What ever happened to free enterprise?

It shouldn’t be up to government to determine or cap how much revenue a business can generate.

Government should concentrate on making streets, neighborhoods and areas of commerce safe, where people from all areas feel safe to take their families. Not build attractions to help level a playing field that a free market economy has developed.


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