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• Thank you for including national issues in your paper. It’s very important as a community that we feel connected to the discussion of the these important issues. Do I feel safer with George Bush as president, now that he has managed to alienate millions of Muslim people and others around the world who already didn’t like the U.S.?

Before 9/11 there was Timothy McVeigh, Son of Sam, Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Manson — hate has been around since the beginning of time. Saddam Hussein was an evil leader, that is true. But Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the (Republic of) Congo, and countless other countries have evil leaders. Why in fact, the Reagan Administration helped put Saddam in power and helped to arm him. Not to mention that there is a complete, crazy person in charge in North Korea (Kim Jong II) who already has nuclear capabilities. Sudan is in the midst of genocide-enforced slavery. Are we going to invade and occupy all those other countries as well? This kind of arrogant, cowboy attitude is exactly why I’m more scared than ever with Bush in the White House. And to beat that, his cronies are already criticizing Senator (John) Edwards for a lack of foreign policy experience. In my mind, anybody else would be better qualified than Bush to lead our nation.

• This reply is in regard to a letter by Mr. Daniel Boyanz about Wal-Mart (July 15 issue), where he says “Please check with the Town of Farragut about the donations they give to the town each month.” I don’t know of any donation that Wal-Mart gives to the town of Farragut now because they’re not in the town of Farragut. We don’t even get any sales tax from ’em, it all goes to Knoxville.

(Editor’s note: According to Shari Cox, Geographic Information System analyst with the town of Farragut, the town applied for and received an “environmental grant” from Wal-Mart as part of their “Good Works Program”).

• I’ve looked at both of the candidates for the 6th District (State) Senate seat, and I just have a hard time voting for someone to represent my community in Nashville that hasn’t even lived here that long. Jamie Hagood is from West Tennessee, she came here for law school and began her political career right after that. Now on the other hand there’s Billy Stokes, he’s born here, grew up here, and went to school here. He went to UT and then UT law school. He served his country in the army, then started a family and a business, all right here in Knox County. It just seems to me that a native Knox Countian would make the most qualified person to represent Knox County in the state senate.

• The 6th District needs a voice in the state senate that stands up for the interests of the residents of Knox County, not wealthy national lobbyists. Did you know that Jamie Hagood took money from special interest groups that actually benefit from malfunctioning TennCare programs? These are people who make more money when TennCare operates inefficiently. In fact, Jamie Hagood has taken over $100,000 from special interest groups since she has been in the state legislature. Billy Stokes will go to Nashville with one goal, to serve the people of his district regardless of the wishes of the powerful lobbyists.

• I appreciated Mr. (Mark) Shipley with the town of Farragut sending a Letter to the Editor (July 15 issue) explaining the policies of the town of Farragut and the ordinance about political signs. Again that goes to the issue of Ms. (Diane) Jablonski going around and putting her signs in front of Parkey Strader’s, particularly on my property. I wonder if that is her effort to get back the signs taken up by the town of Farragut? Again, I would just simply ask that Ms. Jablonski adhere to all the sign ordinances in the town of Farragut and no longer put her signs in front of Parkey Strader’s signs on my property.

• I’m calling about the (caller) on presstalk talking about why the police do not enforce the law about not shooting fireworks in Knox County. I don’t know why they would enforce that when they don’t enforce people driving without insurance. My dad was recently run off the road by a kid who didn’t have insurance, and it went all the way to the Grand Jury, his injuries and all. And the kid got a hand-slap and a $50 fine for not having insurance and that was the end of that ... my mother cancelled her’s, she said, ‘well, I don’t need it then.’ So, they certainly won’t respond to fireworks because they don’t enforce driving without insurance.

• Is the Icearium winning Farragut’s “Paint War” versus the town government? After all, the Icearium is still ice blue and not beige or tan. Good for them.

• I’m calling about the person that called in about Chuck James not representing the town of Farragut (July 15 presstalk). I don’t know who that person is, or why Mr. James hasn’t returned their call as they indicated, but I’ve been involved in a couple of different booster clubs at Farragut High School, and Mr. James has been very, very accessible and has really been beneficial to us as we’ve been making some improvements to some of the facilities at Farragut High School. And I certainly believe that Mr. James is doing a far better job than the people before him, and just appreciate his work on behalf of the students at Farragut High School.

• I really appreciate Mark Shipley’s Letter to the Editor (July 15) explaining the requirements of one political sign per lot. I’d like for it to be noted that there’s a lot in Village Green subdivision on Monticello Drive that has two political yard signs for the same candidate on the same lot.


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