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• You’re right ... the playing field should be levelled between older downtowns and the suburbs. Eliminate the federal housing programs, revamp the anti-city transportation policies of the federal government, and quit building new schools on the outskirts of town every time some idiot puts up a 500-home subdivision on a 1-lane dirt highway.

• Diane Jablonski proved herself to be a dedicated public official while serving on the Knox County School Board. Her contributions to our community are many and varied. She will do an excellent job representing us as a member of the State Legislature.

• I was appalled to read the article about the Callaway farm and the Callaway family … All the stuff that’s been taken away from them as far as property and to think that somebody might could condemn their property again for the utility company. That’s just not right.

• I’ve been in the car with my 16-year-old who’s learning to drive. I wish that West Knoxville drivers would be more courteous of other drivers. My son was merging on to Pellissippi Parkway from Kingston Pike on Sunday around four o’clock when a rude young lady behind him in a burgundy SUV blew at him because he wasn’t merging onto Pellissippi as quickly as she wanted him to. He was doing everything correctly. I want to give her whole license number, but it was (omitted) and she had streaked blond hair. I just really wish other drivers would realize that there are a lot of young people out here trying to learn how to drive. Maybe her parent will see her, or if she’s a young married lady, she’s not as courteous as she needs to be. She’s not a lady.

• I calling concerning the handicapped parking abuse. Oh, I definitely think, without a doubt, that it’s abused. Nine times out of ten, the people you see getting out of the car in a handicapped space and with the handicapped, well not usually the tag, but the little tag hanging from the mirror, nine times out of ten there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the person. They are as healthy as I am. But, they’re parking in that spot. And no, I definitely do not think obese people should be given those, but that’s what you usually see getting out of cars are obese people. I think it’s pitiful and I don’t really expect anything to be done about it even though the law may change. It’s just one more thing that they’ll try and act like they’re going to enforce, but really won’t. I think it’s ridiculous and I have for many years and I don’t really see it changing. But something should definitely be done about it.

• I live in Old Stage Hills subdivision and yesterday a lady in our neighborhood fell from a ladder, 54 years old, and had severe injuries. Thank goodness for the young Eagle Scout and his father who came to her rescue. They did exactly the right thing. Called Rural/Metro, comforted her and shaded her, since she was on the driveway of her home. I just wanted to thank them and all the scout leaders for preparing these young men to know what to do in time of an emergency. Thanks again.

• I think handicapped parking should be for handicapped people. If you give obese people the privilege of using these places, I think you need to extend that to mothers with children. I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed a woman having to get two or three kids out of the car into a car seat, or out of the car seat into a stroller, and the whole thing, trying to get organized. I noticed this happening at one of the stores in Farragut the other day where a large person, who completely could walk very well unaided, did take up a handicapped place, I did not notice a sticker in her car. She might have had one. I think it needs to be definitely 100 percent handicapped people. People with wheelchairs or some other apparatus that helps them get around.

• I definitely feel that you need crack down on handicapped parking places. Be sure that the people are handicapped. I have a friend who walks three miles every day and has a handicapped place. Things like that should not be allowed.

• Some questions for First Utility District. How much of the plan expansion is being planned for expansion into Loudon County? And, why are we building huge equalization basins when the system doesn’t require them if it is installed and maintained properly?

• I’m calling about the recent presstalk about Diane Jablonski. The same person uses the presstalk each week to discredit Diane. Diane Jablonski is one of the most faithful public servants I have ever known. Her commitment to children, education and doing what’s best for our community are unparalleled. The caller states that Diane was useless in bringing a new school to West Knox County. The caller has apparently forgotten West Valley Middle School, Karns Middle School, Hardin Valley School and the addition to Bearden High School. All major capital improvements achieved during her time. I firmly believe we need Diane working for us in Nashville. What we don’t need is a spineless, anonymous caller who slanders individuals with lies.

• I feel that handicapped passes are being handed out to people who really don’t need them. They should be on a real, more stringent basis. I also feel that the penalty for using handicapped space should be high. If someone doesn’t belong there; they shouldn’t be there. And to give it to obese people would be a … really, really travesty. That would be one more crutch for them not to lose the weight and save their own lives.

• In the July 29 paper, on the back-to-school article on page 23 and page 34, the first page is talking about dress in which pants were not to touch the floor. But all three pictures that shows kids in pants, all of the pants are touching the floor in the pictures. That was a bad thing to put in the paper, which goes against the dress code.

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