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Revamped Smith Road Weigel store in question
Kingston Pike access, driveway at issue

Access to a proposed remodeled Weigel’s convenience store at the corner of Kingston Pike and Smith Road ignited debate at the Farragut Municipal Planning Commission meeting Thursday, Aug. 5.

As Ruth Viergutz Hawk, town community development director, moved through the FMPC agenda and announced that item No. 4 — A public hearing on a request by Weigel Stores, Inc. for a resubdivision of property located on the northeast corner of Kingston Pike and Smith Road — was postponed, attorney for Weigel and former Farragut Mayor Bob Leonard raised objections.

Hawk said that the town staff had not received a response from a letter to Weigel concerning revisions to its request.

In the letter, the town had instructed the Weigel camp to relocate its Kingston Pike entrance in the resubdivision to lineup across from the Sugarwood subdivision entrance, some 400 feet from Smith Road.

Leonard queried as to “what were the revisions that you asked Mr. Weigel to produce?” Adding that “I think we may be refusing to do it and we want it heard anyway.

“We cannot agree and we will not agree to the shared access easement lining up with Sugarwood.”

Leonard argued that moving the entrance to the proposed site would place the access point to the Weigel store at an unacceptable distance from the business.

“We are not presenting any revised plat with that in mind,” Leonard said.

Hawk countered saying that the “plat before (the Commission) is not a discussion about where the future access will be, the plat is actually with regard to the easement.”

Hawk went on to say that she had a letter from the property owner, which is adjacent to the Weigel property, and they are in agreement to this access easement going across the property.”

Leonard responded that “you have no such letter, I don’t believe.”

Hawk reminded Leonard that the business before the Commission was dealing with the access easement and not the actual access point to the property.

Leonard said that he had a copy of the letter from the property owner, R. Kenneth Vann, and that he did not agree to an access easement across the front of the property and that the Weigel camp wanted to have the matter heard “exactly as we filed it originally.”

Leonard, reading from the Vann letter, said: “… I approve of the subdivision plan … I further approve the site development plan for Weigel Farm Store No. 44 … in so far as it shows a 26-foot-wide future connection driveway to serve my remaining property. As indicated above, I would then not ask for a separate driveway cut for my remaining Kingston Pike property. … I cannot agree to a frontage drive or road to be located opposite Sugarwood Drive and then crossing my property and then connecting with the Weigel property as mentioned in (Hawk’s) letter of July 8, 2004, to Bill Weigel.

“I feel that I should not have to grant property for this use.”

Hawk said that the Commission cannot pass the plat without the proper easement and that the staff would recommend denying the Weigel request.

Hawk pointed out that the access is “extremely dangerous” with head-on traffic in the “suicide lane” in front of the proposed site.

Leonard said that Weigel would not buy the Vann property and would keep his existing building and business site as is if he is required to move his Kingston Pike access drive.

He added that would allow Vann to sell his property to someone, who would be entitled a separate road cut into the Vann property resulting in two road cuts between Smith Road and Sugarwood Drive.

Moving the access drive would place the entrance to the proposed Weigel’s Farm Store approximately 400-feet from Smith Road. The existing entrance is about 150-feet from Smith Road. Leonard is asking for a compromise that places a shared access for the two properties at its mid point at approximately 200-feet from Smith Road.

“Mrs. Hawk is intent on making what was a great corner location in Farragut something else, something considerably less,” Leonard said.

Town engineer Darryl Smith said, “… I think Mr. Leonard has said that Ruth Hawk is trying to make this a very poor corner for development and I think that is absolutely ridiculous.”

Smith said that the staff had spent a “tremendous amount of time looking at this site, reviewing plans,” and that a new set of plans has not been presented in more than a year.

Smith, citing his 20-years of experience in road design, added that the current site has a “poorly designed access,” and that (the proposed renovation access) is a “poor design.”

Smith said that “what (the town) is trying to do is provide a ‘joint access’ that will operate correctly.”

After further discussion the Commission, citing that the traffic study submitted by the Weigel camp was produced during the summer when school was out, recommended that the Weigel camp provide a traffic study of the proposed site be conducted when school is in session.

The Commission postponed the item until its Aug. 19 meeting.

In other business, the Commission:

• Postponed the public hearing on a request by Jim Burritt to amend the text of the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 3, Section III. Rural Single-Family Residential District (R-1), A., to require access to a street which meets the minimum design standards established in the Farragut Subdivision Regulations.

• Approved, with revisions, a site plan for Faith Lutheran Church, 239 Jamestowne Boulevard, to construct an educational building, Zoned S-1, 5.67 Acres.

• Approved a request by Sallie H. Ralston to rezone Parcel 38.01, Tax Map 153, 1109 Concord Road, located on the west side of Concord Road just north of Second Drive, from Agriculture to R-1.

• Approved a request by Sarah Ralston to rezone a portion of Parcel 37.03, Tax Map 153, located on the west side of Concord Road on the north and south side of the First Utility District access drive, from Agriculture to R-1 and OSR.

• Approved a request by Anne Ralston to rezone Parcel 38, Tax Map 153, 1117 Concord Road, located on the west side of Concord Road between Second Drive and the Norfolk Southern Railroad tracks, from Agriculture to R-1 and OSR.

• Postponed the public hearing on a Concept Plan for Hanover Place,submitted by John Kerr Construction Concepts, for Parcels 94 & 94.02, Tax Map 151, located on the northwest corner of Old Stage Road and S. Hobbs Road, 14.08 Acres, 23 Lots, Zoned R-1/OSR.

• Approved a request by Myers Brothers Holdings for resubdivision of Parcels 60, 63, 63.02, 63.03, 63.05, 63.06, and 89.01, Tax Map 151, located on the southwest corner of Kingston Pike and Way Station Trail and at the end of Deadwood Road adjacent to the Old Stage Hills Subdivision, Zoned R-2 and C-1, 20.973 Acres.

• Approved an amendment submitted by PKA Architects to the site plan for AmSouth Bank, 11513 Kingston Pike, Parcel 129, Tax Map 142, Zoned C-1, to add a small addition.

In the workshop phase of the meeting, Commission voted to place on its Aug. 19 agenda:

• a site plan submitted by Pilot Corportation for a new Pilot Foodmart, 701 N. Campbell Station Road, Zoned C-2 and C-2-M, .92 Acres.


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