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ē Iíve enjoyed reading in the (farragutpress) about the sign wars that have broken out between Walgreenís and CVS and Kingston Pike and Smith Road. Gentlemen, please, how about we settle this once and for all; just eliminate the signs you have on your buildings, just go with a single ground-mounted sign in front of the building, that way we can call it even-Steven.

ē I think it would be a good idea concerning the trucks on Kingston Pike going through Farragut to make them not do that. But I canít see, without Farragut not having its own police force, who would be the ones to look after this because the highway patrol, you hardly ever see them on the streets, nor do you see Knox County ó I donít know if they have jurisdiction on that part of the road. But (trucks) are very dangerous, and that part of the road from Campbell Station Road to Watt Road is like the Indianapolis 500. They need another traffic light through there, anyway, and the trucks as well as the cars speed through there. Itís 45 mph, and theyíre doing 60, 65 easy. Yes, it is very dangerous, and something does need to be done. But, without a tax base in Farragut we canít afford our own police force, who would enforce it.

ē I am a 70-year-old overweight lady. For over 40 years I was in good health and slender. Today I have slipped discs and pinched nerves and itís hard to stand and walk without pain. I was born without two vertebrae, which finally gave me trouble, and I am on pain medication daily. Donít begrudge me the handicapped spot, just thank your God your are in good health and donít need it.

Editorís note: Our thoughts are only for those who abuse the privilege, not those who are in real need.

ē I really hope that the farragutpress keeps people informed as to when the next mayoral election is. Itís time to get rid of Eddy Ford and his band of merry idiots (I) call the Board of Clowns. Theyíre wanting a new high school to replace Farragut High School, but they want people to pay for it by having this dumb license tag tax (Wheel Tax). I think that we need to do it by building up more revenue through business. We have a brand new Walgreenís, but of course the town of Farragut would not let them put up their normal sign that you see at every other Walgreenís. We have a Dollar General that just opened up. The mayor and some of his people refuse to even go down there for the grand opening for the ribbon cutting. They told Dollar General to take their sign down. How are we, as a community, going to build any tax revenue, if we have a bunch like this who think that little signs up for a week or two to help promote a business is going to hurt how their neighborhood looks. Itís just a real shame that we donít have real leadership in this community because itís really starting to go downhill fast.

Editorís note: Just to get the facts straight, the town of Farragut, or any group for that matter, donít want to replace Farragut High School. Knox County residents, not the town of Farragut, want an additional high school. The town of Farragut is not in the school business. The Wheel Tax was proposed by Knox County Mayor Mike Ragsdale, not the Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

ē I am a resident of West Knox County, and I am totally against this Wheel Tax, a.k.a. the license tag tax. If itís going to build a new Farragut High School, I would just like to let people know that I am probably one of many that has to hold two jobs just to survive. If you sit on the corner of Concord Road and Kingston Pike in the parking lot of the bank between 3:15 and 4 oíclock, youíll see that the kids coming out of Farragut High School are driving Cadillacs, Lexuses, Mercedes, they all have cell phones, theyíre dressed good. If these parents can afford to send these kids to school with cars like that, then why canít they help finance the new high school to further their education? This tax stuff needs to go on people who have kids, not on struggling people who donít have kids and are not going to see any benefit from this ... I donít need any more taxes. I hear on the radio (recently) that four other counties had a vote on a wheel tax and they voted it down. Itís time that we had a voice, and if people in Farragut want a new high school, they can afford to pay for it themselves.

ē Iíd like to find out if there are any plans in the making for old Kmart building to be made into a bowling alley?

ē I was very pleased to read in the (farragutpress) that town engineer Darryl Smith stood up to the bullying tactics of former Mayor Bob Leonard. Mr. Leonard, who is representing Weigelís, is trying to force the town to agree to a plan that will increase the likelihood of accidents on Kingston Pike at Smith Road in order to save his client a few bucks. I think the planning commission should reject this (inaudible) arrangement. I also think itís about time chairman (Bob) Hill and the rest of the planning commission put an end to the bullying tactics of Mr. Leonard and unethical special treatment he is accorded because of his connections as former mayor. After all, he should be treated no different than any other commercial lawyer or applicant that appears before the town.

ē Iím calling because Iím sick and tired of the (President George W.) Bush and Republican bashing that appears each week in this section. Letís get some facts straight: one, the Clinton Administration thought Saddam Hussein had (weapons of mass destruction) and had a policy of regime change. Democrats have demonstrated that threats to national security are not taken seriously, i.e. (inaudible) bin Laden three times prior to the World Trade Center attacks, and not doing anything serious about terrorism, even after the 1993 (World) Trade Center bombings. John Kerry proposed 1.6 billion cuts in Intelligence services. The unemployment rate is 5.5 percent, which is less than the 5.6 percent it was Clinton was up for re-election. The president does not create jobs unless they are government jobs. What will John Kerry do? He wants to be more sensitive about the way we handle terrorists. Remember, he voted for the $87 billion to support our efforts before he voted against supplying our troops with body armor and reinforcements (inaudible) and pay raises. Who do you think the terrorists would like to vote for?

ē I read your (through the lens) about truckiní to avoid detection ... I do believe they ought to keep them (big trucks) away from the schools, and not allow any big olí trucks on any of our town streets, let alone just in Farragut or near the schools.

ē A family member of mine is confined to a wheelchair. Hereís my take on (handicapped) parking. The only people who should be allowed to have a tag are those in wheelchairs, those with walkers, and those with a medical condition preventing them from walking long distances. Iíve seen the following people in handicapped spaces: A young mother with two children, a pizza delivery man ... and a man who literally ran into a grocery store. Doctors should be selective in giving tags, people shouldnít take advantage of íem. Stores should create more handicapped parking. People today must enjoy watching an elderly person push a wheelchair from the far reaches of the Wal-Mart parking lot into the store to refill a prescription.

ē Itís Sunday morning, a day after CBFO Football has had their way with the stands at (FHS) Farragut field. The place is an absolute mess. Everyone should come out and see the tons of plastic bottles and trash just scattered all over the field and the stands despite the presence of numerous trash receptacles. How about it, parents, CBFO football officials, letís encourage players and coaches and fans to use the trash receptacles. And how about a recycling effort, thereís tons of plastic bottles, Iím sure, accumulated over the course of a season. Why not recycle some of this mess?

ē Something must be done about traffic congestion at Farragut Primary School at school closing times. ... (A woman stopped (blocking me) so that my car was still protruding from the intersection. When she didnít move I had to back up somewhat and go around her. This congestion was a constant irritation all last year, and is truly an accident waiting to happen.Ē


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