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FHS keeps mid-week schedule
Students able to sleep in on Wednesdays and still get to class on time

The over-crowding situation at Farragut High School has forced the administration to change the time between classes from seven minutes to nine minutes.

However, the additional two minutes will not affect the Wednesday schedule that was put into effect in the 2003-2004 school year.

The Wednesday schedule involves students starting school one half-hour later, at 9 a.m. rather than at 8:30 a.m. The 7 a.m. classes are not affected by the Wednesday schedule. The extra time in the morning allows for teachers and administration to hold meetings.

Students are allowed to ride their usual bus to school on Wednesdays and use the extra time to study or socialize with friends or if they are car riders, they may arrive at the start of first block. Parent volunteers are on campus and are able to assist the students if necessary.

Before the 2003-2004 school year, the time between classes was 10 minutes. The administration reduced the time to seven minutes to allow for late arrival on Wednesdays. The reduction in time coupled with crowded hallways made it difficult for students to get from one class to the next in a timely fashion.

“We put our heads together and came up with a way to add a couple of minutes to the class change time and still keep our Wednesday schedule,” said FHS principal Mike Reynolds. “It took about two days to figure it out, but we did it.”

The solution that Reynolds and his staff came up with was taking some time from other blocks to make up for the extra half-hour.

“We spread it evenly over the blocks to gain the time,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said that first block is typically longer than the other three blocks because that is when teachers take attendance.

The staff and administration hold four different types of meetings on Wednesdays, depending on the week.

“We may have a total faculty meeting, a department meeting, such as all of the math department getting together, a collaboration meeting where individual teachers within a department meet, or a school improvements meeting,” said Ruth Lane, junior guidance counselor.

Lane said that the Wednesday schedule is a very productive time for teachers and administration and that the students enjoy the late arrival.

Reynolds had the Wednesday schedule in place at Fulton High School, where he was the former principal. He is planning to expand on former FHS principal Ed Hedgepath’s idea to make the extra time on Wednesday mornings even more productive for the students.

“I am hoping to initiate a ‘Student University,’” Reynolds said. “I am looking for more parent volunteers to help to oversee study and tutoring sessions.” Reynolds said that these sessions could take place in the classrooms as well as the library.

Noting the difficulty to pass through the halls in between classes, Reynolds said that he hopes the two minutes will help.


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