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• I support the town of Farragut’s officials in their efforts to get Weigel’s to agree to move the entranceway to their proposed new location on Kingston Pike at Smith Road. The current access point off Kingston Pike is just plain dangerous. Too many cars are coming along the road and you can’t tell if they are going to turn into the Weigel’s store or turn onto Smith Road. This entrance way needs to be move further down, and lining it up across from Sugarwood makes a great deal of sense.

• The FBMA (Farragut Board of Mayor and Aldermen) has denied CVS’s request to amend the signage ordinance. This raises the question of how Walgreen’s managed to get approval for signage on more than one side of their building. But, it’s not legal for CVS to do so? Then why is it OK for Walgreen’s? Walgreen’s should be required to remove one of their signs, or is there a double standard here?

Editor’s note: Walgreen’s is located on the corner of Kingston Pike and Smith Road. The town allows them, as most businesses, to have a sign facing each street. CVS Pharmacy is on Kingston Pike and not at an intersection.

• I’m calling to talk about the trucks passing the truck scales. This is really a serious, major problem. I mean, it’s been going on for sometime. And, it seems to me that one solution would be to figure out a way to set up some portable truck scales along Kingston Pike. They come up Watt Road and then go down Campbell Station. But I see no enforcement going on whatsoever — the town of Farragut has no way to basically enforce it. So, just a suggestion.

• Regarding the handicapped parking, my mother is confined to a wheelchair. We must have that wide space to get her into her wheelchair. However, if you have people like the lady at my gym that for over ten years has parked in the handicapped (area), waltzes into the gym, swims laps, takes aerobics and then waltzes back out to her car. It is, of course, parked in the handicapped space. She does have a handicapped license plate, but it’s disgraceful. Those people should be embarrassed to park in the handicapped spaces. Perhaps if they saw my mother and I park at the end of the lot in bad weather, struggling to get her wheelchair between our car and another car, and get her into the wheelchair, they might think about it twice before they park in the handicapped places. No, that’s not going to happen. They’ll just keep parking there.

• My only comment is regarding handicapped tags. I rode with a lady this past week who had one hanging on her mirror, and it had expired January (2004)… People are not being courteous in getting them renewed if necessary. Also, when people that are handicapped die, the survivor does not turn it in, they keep on renewing them.

• People in Knoxville are small-town minded — but it’s growing anyway, especially the far west side. Every city I’ve lived in has frequent school levies to keep up with the growth in the suburbs and different needs for schools. The problem here is having one school district, not individual districts as some for the suburbs. People don’t understand Farragut isn’t at fault under this scheme. Mayor Ford just gets to shrug it off, and Farragut gets blamed by ignorant people. Knox County is too big for one school district, and it’s still getting bigger. That’s the real problem. And as for the $30 wheel tax, that is the price of a carton of cigarettes or a dinner out, and I mean one carton or one dinner — for a whole year. In Michigan, my license plates cost $240 every year. We’re really spoiled here. Soon no one will want to move to Knoxville due to overcrowded poor schools and lousy traffic planning on 1-75, as well as through town. This all affects everyone’s property values, Sequoyah to Farragut. We’re a decade behind in school planning already, and getting profoundly worse, year by year. People here are small-minded, most never get out of Knoxville. And it’s going downhill like so much else. If you don’t pay for school with taxes, you have to redistrict. And people shouldn’t be asked if they want that, they just have to do it — like they do elsewhere in a pinch. But that even will only last a year at this rate of growth. People just want status quo in this city, just like trying to help downtown. But it’s growing in spite of us all.

• I would like to respond to the writer who presented views that parents of high school children who drive Mercedes pay for the new school. I’d like to counter with three points: No. 1, I’m sure this individual has forgotten that they once attended a high school themselves; No. 2, not all parents of high school students are wealthy; and No. 3, educating young people is the whole community’s responsibility. It’s time we all chip in to make our society a better place.

• I noticed your (Aug. 19 presstalks) about the trucks that are coming through Farragut. I see no reason why they cannot be stopped, getting off the interstate in Lenoir City. If they do that, they will have to go through the weigh station ... we don’t need more traffic lights in Farragut. Just please stop those trucks from getting off the Interstate in Lenoir City. They will have go through the scales, which they are not going through now ... I appreciate the fact that you let people say what they think.

• Hats off to the Farragut Admirals for a great win Saturday night at Halls. Well done coach Courtney and crew.

• If schools in the past had been built based on need and not political favor, then enough schools would be situated where population growth is occurring. Is that not one of the reasons for the Census, to track population trends ?

• I think the traffic on Kingston Pike is horrible. Driver’s navigate down the road at raceway speeds with no tickets for speeding ever being given out. Farragut needs more traffic lights to slow traffic down to a safe speed and maybe there won’t be as many wrecks on Kingston Pike.


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