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Reclaim the outdoors with Mister Mosquito

Mosquitoes, spiders, wasps and bees really “bug” Farragut resident David Dunn.

So much in fact, that he is beginning a new business venture in town that he said is the answer to the backyard bug problem called Mister Mosquito.

“My family is always outdoors and with the woods in the back, my wife and kids complained about mosquito bites,” he said. “Since installing the Mister Mosquito system two months ago, the problem is completely gone.”

According to Dunn, Mister Mosquito is a completely natural and biodegradable water-based misting system that rids yards of bugs.

“Most people either take their outdoor activities indoors at dusk or they spray bug repellent that may contain harmful chemicals,” he said. “Mister Mosquito uses a chemical free botanical insecticide called pyrethrum.”

The Mister Mosquito Web site labels pyrethrum as a natural insecticide derived from the chrysanthemum flower. Pyrethrum has several advantages over chemically engineered insecticides including its rapid breakdown in the environment and its lack of insect resistance.

The insecticide reportedly affects the insect’s central nervous system causing almost immediate knockdown of flying insects. It also stimulates the insects to flee from their hiding places, causing them to receive higher concentrations of the insecticide.

Dunn was introduced to the Mister Mosquito system while on a flight with a man from Dallas, Texas, that was wearing a shirt with the company logo. After inquiring about the system, Dunn had one installed at his home and he said he was so impressed he decided to sell them to homeowners in Knoxville. His company is called East Tennessee Mosquito Control, doing business as Mister Mosquito.

The Mister Mosquito system consists of a customized installation of automatic outdoor insect misting nozzles. The nozzles are installed throughout the yard, in the trees, along fences and under the eaves of the house.

“I have 60 nozzles between my back and front yards because of the woods and the pool,” he said. “Most homes would require about 30 nozzles.”

Also included in the system is a 55-gallon reservoir, which contains the misting solution, a stainless steel mesh filtering system, weather resistant cover, pump and remote control. The system is electrical and a timer is installed allowing the mist to be sprayed twice a day. He said the system also comes with a remote control allowing the homeowner to spray extra mist for any pre-outdoor activity.

“This system is really for people who enjoy being outdoors and are also concerned about insects and the diseases that they carry,” Dunn said. He made reference to an article that appeared in USA Today in July, stating that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 108 cases of the West Nile virus, compared to only five cases reported at this time last year.

Dunn noted that a side benefit of the Mister Mosquito is that it also works on wasp nests and bee hives. He also said that spiders have been eliminated from his yard. The cost of the Mister Mosquito is $1,350 installed and $55 per nozzle. Dunn said the mist is not harmful to plants or flowers and has a subtle flowery scent. The pyrethrum solution is sold in quart bottles and costs approximately $140 per bottle. One bottle lasts about three months. For more information about Mister Mosquito, call 1-877-Bugs-Away or visit the Web site at


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