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• I’m calling in regard to the Knox County taxes. I think Knox County needs to be a little more progressive, and they need to look at a progressive, adequate facility tax on all new construction just like Loudon and Blount counties are. The taxes right now are too high in Knox County, and we need to be a little bit more competitive. Also, we need to try to curb some of the growth in West Knox County. If schools need the money, let’s get the progressive adequate facility tax passed, and on the way, and let’s defeat the wheel tax and also the 6 percent property tax.

• Last week a caller said “God Bless George Bush.” Real Christians want to help the masses, not just the top one percent of Americans. Real dedicated elected officials go to war when asked, (not) shirk their duty by getting preferred treatment in the National Guard. He is touted as being steadfast. Yeah, to our detriment. He won’t admit the war in Iraq is a catastrophe and in no way has made us safer. In fact, terrorism is more scary now. Other nations have no respect or love for us. Afghanistan is a quagmire with no sight of limiting al Qaida. Our ports and borders are more easily accessed more than ever. Over 1,000 U.S. lives were lost for an ill-planned war. Fiscal conservatives can’t even be happy. It’s the largest deficit ever. Our children will pay the price for this debt. What good are tax cuts now if our children will suffer in the future? The GOP likes to say they like small government, but the statistics say that the U.S. government is now larger than ever. New jobs are slow in coming, and those are with far much lower wages. Coupled with the fact that health care premiums have doubled under George Bush’s presidency. His administration is full of warmongers who abuse human rights in Iraq and in Guantánamo Bay. George Bush and his administration are no Christians I would want to meet. God Bless John Kerry and those smart enough to see through the fact that George Bush is a scary, scary man.

• I was reading in your paper today (Sept. 16) in the presstalks about some people on Harvey Road, and they were misled and misrepresented by First Utility District. I’d like to share what happened near where I live, where a man’s well was poisoned by a sewer line break. First Utility District said that they would give him First Utility District water, but only if he signed a document that would allow sewer to come to his farm. Well, now his farm is becoming a giant subdivision. I don’t think this is right. These people act like thugs. I think someone needs to investigate these practices.

• I agree with this Harvey Road caller. Utilities have way too much power. Let’s get this eminent domain taken away. If everybody who’s been violated by a utility will call in, then we can get something done in Nashville. That’s the only way to stop these utilities from providing services to everybody.

• In response to the scathing remarks about Dr. Robert Frazier, principal at Farragut Intermediate (School), I have this to say: When children are moved to a new classroom the parents are usually more stressed than the children. It’s all a matter of attitude. If the parents can see it as a positive solution to overcrowdedness, then the children will too. I would like to inform the caller that Dr. Frazier is not the one who makes the decisions to add additional classes. That job belongs to the Human Resources Department of Knox County Schools. Human Resources follows the guidelines set by the State of Tennessee. These departments will not make the decision to add classes until the actual numbers are in the building. They will not add teachers simply because they’re may be an overcrowding problem. At the end of the school year there was no indication there would be so many extra students. Unfortunately the overcrowdedness comes from families that move in during the late summer and register their children after school starts. Dr. Frazier has many talents, but predicting the future is not one of them. Even if he could, human resources will not respond to predictions. If you want to be angry, be angry at the families who wait to register their children. And even worse, be angry at the people who encourage continuous building of new homes in the Farragut area with no regard to how it affects the school system. As for Dr. Frazier’s suit-and-tie stuffed shirt appearance, how about looking at it in the way that it is intended. I see a man who is serious about what he does, shows respect for his job and sets a positive example for his staff, students and community. I would also like to add that despite being a pseudo scholar, Dr. Frazier is certainly smart enough not to write to the newspaper without knowing all the facts.

• This thing with First Utility District just gets deeper and wider. One of their commissioners (recently) quit, a professional engineer. Why? Do they know something that they don’t want the rest of us to know? My opinion is that they’ve lied to us from the beginning. They’ve lied to us about the options they’ve considered. They’ve lied to us about the need for a new plant. I think Mr. (Ralph) McCarter (FUD general manager) and all of these commissioners should go. Mr. (Mike) Ragsdale (Knox Co. mayor) needs to get involved. He needs to investigate this. And the people need to have their input considered.

• In response to your editorial (Sept. 16) about the sewer plant, this sewer plant could be located in several places. It could be placed on land that First Utility District already owns. They’re not using their plant efficiently, and better management could allow them to increase the capacity on their current site. Second, they could locate a small plant in Loudon County to treat the waste that flows in that direction that’s using gravity feed. Also, that waste originates in Loudon County, makes more sense to treat it there. Third, they could stop their territorial expansion plan and limit the amount of waste they treat. Thus, limiting the amount of land that they need. The options are limitless, but intelligence seems to be in short supply for the mastermind at First Utility District.

• I am disappointed in the Farragut football team and the poster that they did to advertise their season. These are athletic boys that work hard and train hard for their sport, but they chose, or somebody chose, to showcase them as Playgirl models in their football pants only and flexing their muscles. I just think that really degrades the football team and the hard work that they do for their sport.

Editor’s Note: This is not the U.S. Cellular “How the West Was Won” poster produced by the farragutpress.

• The Europa Cafe on Campbell Station Road has put up a tacky yellow sign advertising its Happy Hour. Why doesn’t the town of Farragut enforce its zoning ordinance and get rid of this tacky sign?

• Assault rifles, AK-47s, don’t leave home without them. If you haven’t heard, George W. Bush just celebrated the end of the bi-partisan ban on assault rifles. Now drug dealers, deer hunters and soccer moms will be able to get one on Ebay without worrying about those pesky federal charges. Family values, you’ve got to be kidding? Sanctity of life, an AK-47 is quite necessary? This is one more example of things at home going to pot while George is chasing Osama (bin Laden) in Iraq with your tax dollars. Want a new high school in Knox County? George is building several in Baghdad with your grandkids’ money. But at least millionaires got huge tax breaks, justified by the surplus now evaporated. I’ll see you at Wal-Mart at aisle 3 in the assault rifle department.

Editor’s Note: The folks at Ebay tell me that not now, nor in the future, will Ebay allow the sale of firearms. Selling firearms across state lines is a federal offense.

• I think that the people that manage the First Utility District plant need to be more forthcoming with the safety design of their proposed expansion. Do we even know if there’s a siren at the plant, if there’s a spill now? Do we know what type of safety plans that the current plant has? There has to be some way to notify the people in the water on that cove if there is some type of sewer breach. Are these people placing safety first?

Editor’s Note: Due to repetition of comment concerning FUD and its expansion, farragutpress has ended this presstalk discussion.


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