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Several ways to curve the golf ball

There are several ways to curve the ball from left to right and from right to left.

Iíve always believed that different sets of body and clubface alignments with a normal golf swing is the best way to achieve shot curvature with any type of consistency.

To start a ball left of the target and then curve it right, first identify the direct ball-to-target line by standing behind the ball looking through it to the target.

Next, decide how much left of that line you want the shot to start, and then find a mark on the ground 15 or so feet ahead of the ball directly on the intended line of initial flight.

In setting-up to the shot, align the shoulders, hips, knees, and feet parallel to this line of initial flight, not to the true target line. This will take care of the ballís starting direction.

Next, build in the curvature by opening the clubface at address relative to the line of initial flight, not to the true target line.

But, most importantly, when opening the clubface, do not alter the alignment of your hands relative to your body. In other words, do not change your grip.

To produce a little fade, aim the body left only marginally and open the clubface only slightly. For a big slice, aim left a lot more and open the clubface a lot more.

Once youíre confident that these alignments are correct, go ahead and make a normal swing, relying entirely on the inter-action of the pre-established club head path and clubface alignments at impact to produce the desired curvature.

To draw or hook the ball, simply reverse the above process, aligning the body to the right and closing the clubface proportionately relative to the ballís initial starting path. Then once again make a normal golf swing.


On the green, you are allowed to mark your ball and clean it, and you have to mark it if it lies in the path of someone elseís putt.

Simply place a marker ó a coin is the accepted thing ó behind the ball.

If your marker is in line with someone elseís putt and you are asked to move it, move the marker one or two putter head-lengths left or right.

But donít forget to replace your marker in the correct spot before you putt.

Keith McElroy, monthly columnist with the farragutpress, is the PGA Professional at the Concord Park Golf Course. He teaches adults and juniors and may be reached at 966-9103 or email: Web site:


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