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• My understanding is that the current Brady Bill, or the recent (assault weapons ban), was not very effective. What I believe we need is a law that ensures that everyone who buys a gun, whether it’s first-hand or second-hand, is registered as not having a criminal record and being a citizen of the United States. This is the single most important thing we can do to prevent terrorism. I understand that the Founding Fathers were concerned that freedom fighters, which is the other side of the coin of a terrorist, would be able to out-gun the government if it came to it. But we have to make a choice: do we want to allow terrorism or don’t we? And this is the most important thing we can do to prevent it. This is something that’s pertinent to our community, as you can recall recently we had a tragedy in [Loudon County], which did not involve assault weapons, but it does point to the need to separate guns from the ammunition and store them properly. And I hope that everybody that reads this will take care to make sure their children are safe.

• I wish the town of Farragut could do something about the Canton Place shopping center. First of all we have a building that looks like a psychedelic Partridge Family bus. Now we have a flea market. I thought Farragut did zoning. You need to look at this. It’s awful.

Editor’s Note: Canton Place is in Knox County and not the town of Farragut.

• What is with these people dumping their brush alongside of the road on Everett Road? They’ve been dumping it for some time now under the Interstate on Everett Road just inside the Farragut City limits. And then (on a recent) Sunday morning on the way back from church there was a pick-up truck dumping his brush on Everett Road between Kingston Pike and Fox Run. Are they just too cheap, or too lazy, to dispose of it properly? I should have gotten his license plate number, then I could report him because surely there’s a fine for doing that. But I can’t believe these people have no more respect for the community than to do that.

• (Recently one night) some Republican thieves came in our subdivision and stole all the Kerry signs. We only had four or five against 20 or more Bush signs. We’re just wondering if they got their orders from the pseudo-Christian George W. Bush?

Editor’s Note: Are you sure it wasn’t Ralph Nader supporters?

• Over 1,000 U.S. service personnel lives lost. Over $200 billion and no end in sight. Oh, and it was Saudi Arabia, not Iraq, who encouraged the terrorists. Wait a minute. Now Bush sees fit to go to the UN and ask for partners. In his silver spoon existence, the phrase, “you break it, you pay for it,” must not mean anything to him. His arrogance and ignorance in foreign relations will take years for the U.S. to repair. I think the world will say, “heck no, I won’t forget,” or something like that. I won’t forget those 1,000 service people when I vote. We need a new commander-in-chief. Anybody but Bush.

Editor’s Note: Be careful of what you wish for, we could get a “Saddam Hussein” who could take all of our rights away and impose a military dictatorship much like the rest of the world.

• Boy, won’t the rest of the world be surprised when they learn that the only ones going to heaven are the Republicans in the United States. I think that one will even surprise God.

• These comments are reserved for the apologist of the Farragut Intermediate School’s irresponsible decision-makers. The devotee, or close friend, of the head-honcho proves the case originally posed by the question, “what does this man do?” According to this apologist, it’s the bureaucracy, Farragut residents’ most unbelievably large exodus of new students who descend upon Farragut in the late summer and the doctor’s inability to predict the future that are to blame. The principal’s lack of input, or consideration, is implied by this would-be defender. So we have this figurehead twisting in the wind, something of a paper tiger, who passively awaits the decisions of the Farragut homeowners and the school bureaucracy. I believe the defender successfully answered the question about what this principal does. Add another glib statement by the apologist, “it’s all a matter of attitude.” Following that logic, death, crime and irresponsibility are all matters of attitude. Absurd. A pseudo-dropout can figure that one out.

Editor’s Note: The farragutpress will publish no more comments concerning Dr. Robert Frazier. We strongly suggest that the caller make a face-to-face appointment with Dr. Frazier and voice his or her opinions in a forum that could resolve the caller’s displeasure.

• I was reading in the farragutpress (recently) about the Knox County School Board having a discussion about the new high school. A couple of interesting things to note is that, it says that Karen Carson and Chuck James made extensive comments, but they were not quoted at all in the story. All the quotes were from India Kincannon and Dan Murphy. Also, it’s interesting to note that in the presentation that was reported in the paper that was given, the school administration is showing a designed bid-build, when those of us that were at Farragut High School, when the county mayor (Mike Ragsdale) made his proposal, he was very clear that the school board, in the recommendation from the community committee, was that it would be a design build. The school administration and the school board are ignoring the community recommendation that it be design build instead of design bid-build, which will eliminate two years and will allow us to have a new high school within two years instead of the school system’s five-year plan that they presented to the board (recently).

• On your opinion page (through the lens), you have a question: Is the Brady Bill extension needed? The Brady Bill hasn’t expired. The assault weapons ban, 1994, expired. The reason the law expired and was not renewed is because it wasn’t effective. It had nothing to do with the Brady Bill. The Brady Bill is still in effect.

Editor’s Note: We stand corrected.

• I’ve been reading about Dr. Robert Frazier of Farragut Intermediate (School), and I think the real problem we have in the public school system is the new principal at A.L. Lotts (Emily Lenn). She’s dismissing the children after 2:45 and holding them in the gymnasium and not allowing them to be released to their parents and running the school as a true dictatorship. Something needs to be done about Emily Lenn.

Editor’s Note: Have you spoken with Ms. Lenn?

• On page 4 of your most recent issue (Sept. 23), you have a picture of what looks like an AK-47 (through the lens), and then you say, “Is the Brady Bill extension needed?” First of all, you’re talking about the assault weapons ban. That is not part of the Brady Bill, (they are) two Federal pieces of legislation. Second of all, the weapon you have shown pictured — if it’s not manufactured by a company called Noreco — there were many other companies that made such guns, like in Romania and Bulgaria, that are perfectly legal. They were perfectly legal and buyable under the assault weapons ban. You do not have a picture of an assault weapon on page 4. It does not have the required, necessary features. It does not have a bayonet lug; it does not have a flash suppressor; it does not have a multiple or collapsible stock.

• I just wanted to say thanks to Dr. Brian Johnson, the pastor who writes the column for your paper – for the column that he wrote this week (Sept. 23). It is so true that we don’t let kids be kids anymore. And eighth-graders don’t need a formal dance with expensive tuxes and rented limousines, which is pretty ridiculous. I agree with him that it’s too much pressure to put on them. I just want to thank him for taking a public stand; I have a feeling there are a lot of us out there who would agree with that.

• I agree with the supporter of Farragut Intermediate School principal Dr. Robert Frazier. Dr. Frazier’s hands are tied regarding determination on policy matters such as the creation and reassignment of classes. The fact is, Dr. Frazier has no input, nor recognized influence with the school’s board on such weighty matters. He is at the mercy of a town that experiences expediential growth in the late summer. No planning by Dr. Frazier could foresee the incredible influx late summer brings about, even if Dr. Frazier had a voice recognized by the Knox County School Board. And what’s wrong with being well dressed? It merely reflects professionalism, like Captain Kangaroo, for example. Frazier, like Kangaroo, is the consummate professional. I also agree that Dr. Frazier is very talented. From his dress, to his good posture, these are two talents that are greatly valued in today’s society. Just because Dr. Frazier has no voice with the school board, or has the ability to create contingency plans in case of overcrowding before school begins, doesn’t mean he doesn’t do anything. He does lots of things. He sits in his office; he talks with his staff; he even drafts letters. No, Dr. Frazier does do something.

• This is in regard to your (through the lens) about the Second Amendment: The Second Amendment clearly states: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” What this means is that the people of this country, the citizens of this country, have the right to bear arms to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That includes a government that goes out of control. I would say that, therefore, that means that the people of the United States should have available to them any weapon that an infantryman has, including an M-16 or Thompson sub-machine gun. They should be able to get them. If they are not criminals, they should be readily available. However, if a crime is committed with such a weapon, the penalty should be extremely severe. And if a death is caused by such a weapon, like a murder, then the penalty for that should be death.

• I’m calling about the (assault weapons) extension, it is absolutely needed. I believe that there should be a continuous Federal ban on the manufacture and importation of semi-automatic assault weapons. The ban on that greatly reduced the amount of assault weapons in the country. I realize that they can be brought in underground, but that is a moot point and a small price to pay. We do not, absolutely do not, need to import or manufacture those types of arms in this country.

• How many months did the town of Farragut worry about what color the Icearium is? The Icearium is a beautiful facility and we should be so thankful that they are a business in our community. What a great business. The one that our town planners need to worry about is the flea market that’s in front of “The Rush.” A tent? Give me a break. It’s got to go. What are our town people going to do about this? That’s the kind of thing they need to stop.

Editor’s Note: The flea market and The Rush are in Knox County and not the town of Farragut. Talk to one of the three Knox County commissioners that oversee the area. Their numbers are listed in the farragutpress FYI magazine. The Icearium is in the town of Farragut and thus subject to Farragut regulations.


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