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ē In (recent) news, (former U.S. civilian administrator in Iraq) Paul Bremer said, ďWe never had enough troops in Iraq.Ē Defense Secretary (Donald) Rumsfeld said there was no hard evidence to link al Qaida and Saddam Hussein. (Secretary of State) Colin Powell said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The (CIA report authored by Charles Duelfer) said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after 1996, and no plans for the future. Four years ago (President George) Bush promised that he would go to war only as a last resort. Bush rushed to war against the wrong enemy, and in the process inspired hatred for America all over the world. Bush should resign in disgrace for this blunder. History will not be forgiving. We need a fresh start.

Editorís Note: The CIA has published key findings from the report that may be found at The CIA stated it will published the full 1,000-page report soon.

ē It appears that the problem at the corner of Smith (Road) and Kingston Pike is just one of neglecting to enforce the law. From the markings on the highway you can only legally make right turns into the Weigelís, either from Smith Road or from Kingston Pike. Itís already apparently illegal to turn left into Weigelís going east on Kingston Pike or north on Smith Road. People need to go turn around and come back and enter properly, then theyíll be no problem to Sugarwood or other drivers.

ē I admire Chuck James and Robert Bratton for taking a stand and not spending the taxpayersí money to stay in Townsend for the retreat. And I agree with Chuck James wholeheartedly, they should have discussed a budget and the school overcrowding; the $2,000 that Dr. (Dan) Murphy spent was a waste. And Iím sure Dr. Murphy knew ó a list of (inaudible) said they had to go ahead a pay the $70 and for the meal ó Iím sure Dr. Murphy knew before that they went on the retreat that Mr. James and Mr. Bratton had elected not to stay.

ē I really enjoy the presstalk feature of the farragutpress; in fact, itís one of my favorite elements because itís really enjoyable to read the thoughts unedited ó well, to a certain extent, unedited and raw, if you will, of my fellow community members. And Iíve also always appreciated when the editor would provide factual clarifications when needed. However, I feel this (recent) issue from Thursday, Sept. 30, the editor took it a little too far and in doing so compromised the spirit of presstalks by starting editorís notes with ďBe careful what you wish for ... ď And more or less answering callers by suggesting they go and speak to the person with whom they have a beef, even though that person is a public person, like a principal. I do appreciate, like I say, clarifications, such as explaining that Canton Place is not in Farragut and therefore not required to be in the Farragut sign ordinance regulations. But I encourage the editor to take a look at the Sept. 30 presstalk and reconsider his or her decision to talk back, because I just donít think thatís the spirit of what the column is about. Thereís the editorial page, and the editor has an opportunity to express his or her opinions, and I think thatís great as well. But I donít think that it should be in the forum thatís meant to be presstalk; (itís for) the community as to what theyíre feeling. I donít think theyíre calling for editorís opinion, I think theyíre calling to voice their own. I hope you understand the spirit that this call is intended. I do enjoy the paper. I intend to keep reading and keep up the good work.

Editorís Note: presstalk is on the editorial page.

ē Iíd like to wish Brad Corum good luck as he takes the new assistant principal position at Powell Middle School. I know that the staff and faculty and students at Farragut Middle School will miss him. I just want to make the comment that I think itís unfair that we had to lose someone like Brad, although itís good for him to have a promotion and a new job opportunity. Itís a shame a school the size of Farragut Middle, with 1,200 students, only has two permanent assistant principal positions assigned to it by Knox County Schools. We will get a replacement for Mr. Corum, but they act as an assistant principal intern, the same position that heís filled for the last two years. I think that itís time for the town of Farragut and some of the parents to call downtown and question why another position cannot be permanently added to Farragut Middle School. We lost that position two years ago to Cedar Bluff Middle School, which only has 500 students while Farragut Middle School has 1,200 students. I really think itís time that we pushed for some more equal opportunity at Farragut Middle School.

ē Could the farragutpress do an article reminding people that Friday, Oct. 22, is the deadline to file a petition to run for office in the town of Farragut? I think itís important that people be notified about this. I think itís always a good idea that we have a good debate during an election. Anytime someone runs unopposed, it takes away the ability to debate the issues.

ē At a recent parent connection, the Farragut High School counselors were present and they were wholeheartedly stating that anybody could call them and ask them questions and feel free to call. That is true, you can call them, but they never call you back. Theyíre always at some meeting or theyíre not available. Theyíll take your message or take your information, but they donít call back. Iím very disappointed in the Farragut High School counselors. They also donít inform the students early enough about when to take the required tests. They inform, or let you know later on just to let you know that they think theyíve done it. But Iím very disappointed with the Farragut High School counselors ... I was wonder if the new Farragut High School principal (Mike Reynolds) knew how his class counselors were handling their returned phone calls to individuals who call in. Well, the news to him is that they are not, capital N-O-T, returning the phone calls. The last memo we received stated that we should feel free to call our childís class counselor anytime about anything. I guess they left out the part that you wonít get a phone call back, ha! ha! ha!

ē Hello to all you (presidential candidate John) Kerry voters, weíre inviting you all down to the Cedar Bluff intersection each Monday morning to wave on to the traffic, and welcome them in to voting ... weíll have a great morning; we to hope see many coming.

ē Yes, I want to comment on a recent call about the importance of the current presidential election. First of all, they say the most important thing about the current election is gay marriage. Gay marriage is only important to gay people. It should (not) be important to anyone else. Not long ago, interracial marriage was illegal. That in the 1960s and 1950s was the most important issue in the presidential election to many of these same people or their parents or grandparents. This caller ó Iíve just got to say this is one of the stupidest, most idiotic messages Iíve ever read in this paper.


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