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• A few quick words from our 41st President, George H. W. Bush’s autobiography. He gives reasons why he did not invade Iraq (in the early 1990s). And I quote, “An occupation of Iraq would have incurred incalculable human and political costs. There was no viable exit strategy. Had we gone the invasion route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land.” You would have thought (President) George W. (Bush) would have at least read his daddy’s book, or asked him about it. We can’t stand four more years of this.

• I wanted to call and follow-up on the article about the tragic death on Turkey Creek. I’ve lived here for four years now and have called every year and complained about the excessive speed limit on Turkey Creek. The speed limit on Concord Road is a lower speed than the speed (limit) on Turkey Creek. Also, there is a park there, Anchor Park, and the speed limit through Anchor Park is at a very high, excessive speed. And the two walkway areas they have, people do not slow down for it. We’ve had over a 1,000 residents move in here in the last couple of years, and we’re supposed to have another 1,000 in the next year. Something needs to be done before there’s more deaths, or some pedestrian gets run over either jogging, walking or riding their bike. But I’ve called, I’ve e-mailed. I need to find out what else can be done to get this changed. Please post something in the paper to educate us on how to proceed with this, because making the phone calls and e-mails is not working. (The caller is referring to the loss of Gregory Palmer, a senior at Farragut High School, who was killed in a vehicular accident earlier this month).

• I would like to express my concerns about the tool liquidation sale tent at the corner of Kingston Pike and Lovell Road. It is very rundown and makes the entrance to Farragut look very unattractive and rather cheap. Between the problems with the tent and the overgrown property, weedy property attached to Sapling’s Nursery, the entryway to Farragut is beginning to look very rundown. And I think that area needs to be improved because it creates a bad impression when you come into Farragut.

• In regards to the person who called about the tent at the corner of Canton Hollow and Kingston Pike, I don’t find that half as offensive as the boarded up service station in front of Stonecrest subdivision. Farragut is so particular about signs; they should be more concerned about what this service station looks like. It is one of several things in the town of Farragut that certainly needs to be addressed by those who are in charge.

• We have lived in Farragut for approximately two years, and have become increasingly concerned over the bashing and name-calling and unproductive forum that people are using (presstalk) for. I am very impressed, as of late, of the editor’s note encouraging those callers to be part of the solution; to meet with people, to get involved ... it is very important that members of our community focus on positive solutions without name-calling, without unprofessional information and without having accurate data. We need to bind together to find solutions in this neighborhood and in this community, and to work together instead of using this paper as (a vehicle for) something to vent. If you need to vent, get a therapist. If you want to build your community, let’s be more productive in our comments and stop the bashing.

• We just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate the columns of Church Chat by Dr. Brian Johnson. We do not attend Dr. Johnson’s church nor do we know him personally, but it is such a wonderful column in that his practical (analogies) in his advice, he uses modern day scenarios and applies spirituality to those scenarios. It’s a very valuable column. It is very non-denominational in its opinions, and it’s valuable in the spirituality and the development of the community. Please allow it to continue in the paper, and we will certainly enjoy continuing to read it.

• The stewards of the tax dollar picture and (cutline, in through the lens), are you guys crazy? Do you not know that if you live in the county, you don’t get fire protection provided through the tax dollars, you pay it yourself with a membership to Rural Metro? So that’s why there’s a Rural Metro and a Knoxville Fire Department hall right within eyesight of each other. It’s not a duplication of services. We don’t get fire protection in the county, we pay for it out of our own pocket.

Editor’s Note: Yes, you pay for it as well as garbage pick up. In the City of Knoxville, property taxes pay for police, garbage and fire protection as well as for schools. The point was that with the 18 cent property tax increase, county residents will be paying nearly as much as city residents and are still having to subscribe to services.

• Please put in capital letters that Friday, Oct. 22, is the deadline to file a petition to run for office in the town of Farragut. It’s important that people know this, and I think it’s amazing that I didn’t know anything about this ‘till I read it in today’s (Oct. 14) farragutpress. It’s very important that we realize this election is even coming, and here it is ready to close the nominations. I hope that there’s some people out there who will run because it’s time for a change, and some people have been in office for way too long. It would be nice to get some fresh blood in there and to help our town grow in the right direction.

• Undoubtedly, this election for president is significant. We should welcome a new president who is intelligent, brave and articulate. With so many important issues at stake, the American public should be insulted with meaningless answers as, “You can run but you cannot hide,” as President Bush stated. John Kerry has nothing to be ashamed of when he gives thoughtful, nuance answers to real questions. It is a shame that he is criticized for that. Personally, I believe we all should look forward and embrace a leader of great intelligence such as John Kerry. Expecting and accepting less is an insult to our collective intelligence. If being a so-called “liberal” is fighting consistently for the middle class and poor of this country, then I’d much rather be called a liberal than a compassionate conservative that does not value taking care of families. And don’t be misguided by rhetoric. John Kerry is a proper Christian. He chooses not to impose his values on others. He wears his religion quietly and with reflection and dignity. His actions as a champion of all Americans, not just the wealthy, show the strength of his character. Mothers and fathers look for a leader who really embraces education. George Bush likes to talk up “No Child Left Behind,” yet he did not fund it as promised. That does nothing but set up our teachers to fail. John Kerry is better for families and our children’s future. If Bush is elected for four more years, there is no telling how large he could drive up the deficit. These children will have to pay the price for this recklessness. Vote for John Kerry for president and urge your friends to do the same.

• I was calling in to report on the town of Farragut and their obvious nuisance for yard sale signs. When people have gone to the expense of putting a $30 to $40 ad in the News Sentinel, and they give you a yard sale sign to put up on the day of your sale. The town of Farragut just can’t stand it. They come by and snatch up your yard sale signs. Well, people down there at the town hall, people do have a lot junk in their basement that sometimes they want to get rid of. Nobody’s going to leave their sign up for days and days to look at it. But you people could find something else to do the days people are having a yard sale, and leave their signs alone, I know it would be appreciated.

• I would like to respond to the negative article about the Farragut High School Counselors. I have had two children go through Farragut Schools, and graduate from Farragut High School. I have always been well informed and treated with respect by anyone in the Guidance Department. In fact, I have often wondered how the counselors/secretaries are able to keep up with so many children (approximately. 600 each), and treat them on such an individual basis. If you have ever visited the department you would realize the amount of calls and varied requests going through there daily are overwhelming. The counselors wouldn’t be human if they didn’t miss a call now and then. For all those who feel uninformed, go to www.farraguttn/fhs and you will find all daily announcements including information about required and unrequired testing, etc.. In the meantime, thank you FHS Staff for all you do for our children.

• Bravo, farragutpress! Thank you for covering the Admirals Marching Band trip to the Greenville Band Classic! Your placement of this story on the front page of the Oct. 14 issue, including the color pictures, speaks volumes about your commitment and support of the band. The band and staff are doing a superb job, and this year’s show is outstanding. Someone who only sees the band play at football games may not appreciate how much hard work goes into producing a band show of this quality. Two weeks of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. summer band camp, one and a half hours of regular class time every school day, after school practice every Thursday, separate practices for the individual instrument sections, as well as individual practice time add up to a total effort rivaling (dare I say it), any high school athlete. Our community is a much richer place due to their efforts. Thanks again for your recognition.

• In (recent) news, (former U.S. civilian administrator in Iraq) Paul Bremer said, “We never had enough troops in Iraq.” Defense Secretary (Donald) Rumsfeld said there was no hard evidence to link al Qaida and Saddam Hussein. (Secretary of State) Colin Powell said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The (CIA report authored by Charles Duelfer) said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq after 1996, and no plans for the future. Four years ago (President George) Bush promised that he would go to war only as a last resort. Bush rushed to war against the wrong enemy, and in the process inspired hatred for America all over the world. Bush should resign in disgrace for this blunder. History will not be forgiving. We need a fresh start.

Editor’s Note: The CIA has published key findings from the report that may be found at The CIA stated it will publish the full 1,000-page report soon.

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