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ē I wanted to let your readers know that the (recent) caller that complained about the counselors at Farragut High School was not some isolated nut case. Our family has had similar problems with these people. My student attempted to make contact two times with the senior counselor regarding scholarship information. Those times the counselor was not available. No one offered to take a message or get back to my students. It seems that if you canít catch the senior counselor at her desk at any given moment, youíre out of luck. My student also contacted the senior counselorís office to determine the date a particular university was coming to have a representative at the school. Again, the counselor was not there, and nobody in the office had a clue. I encourage others to voice their problems with the counselorís office in this forum, and with the principal directly. I believe this problem is far more prevalent, and this problem is costing parents money and lost scholarships.

ē This comment is in response to the community-minded caller who graced the town of Farragut with his or her presence two years ago. It seems this gatekeeper of free speech is ringing hands over the opinions expressed in the presstalk forum. This would-be know-it-all seeks to monopolize opinions the caller deems offensive or contrary to the Pollyanna philosophy he or she subscribes to. Besides the generalized cries for the community to pull together, this cheerleaderís naivetť is simplistic and painful, if not embarrassing. The callerís apparent familiarity with therapy, however, is encouraging; since accepted therapy may help remove the rose-colored glasses from this misguided soulís eyes. Maybe the callerís illusions of grandeur can be addressed. These illusions are evident in the callerís remarks of giving professional information about differing topics. Apparently, only the caller has access to such privileged information. I suggest the caller get professional information from his or her therapist and join the real world.

ē Iím just wanting to let you know that according to the town of Farragut Web site, that the election for mayor to be able to file is actually starting Oct. 22, not ending Oct. 22. So, please make that note in the paper.

Editorís Note: See page 1, this issue.

ē I just read in (Oct. 21) presstalk about the property taxes, city and county. But, you said in the editorís note that county residents will be paying as much as city residents. I donít really think thatís a true statement because city residents pay double what county residents pay. They pay a city property tax and they pay a county property tax. Those of us that live in the county only pay a county property tax.

ē Iíve lived in Farragut for two years and I cannot understand the general apathy and acceptance of the water bills in this town. Iíve lived in 15 cities in 11 states, and Iíve never had water bills even closely approximating what I pay in Farragut. And it just blows me away that my water bill is more that my gas bill or my electric bill and almost as much as my mortgage payment. And the water company says that thatís just the way it is. I just canít understand it.

ē The most recent farragutpress (Oct. 21 edition) stated that $25,000 was allocated by the Farragut town board for the Farragut schools at the Oct. 14 meeting. Based on past comments on the presstalk and letters to the editor, itís obvious that thereís a certain group out there that thinks that Farragut has a school system. And I think that they should have said that $25,000 was allocated to Knox County Schools located in Farragut. Farragut High School pre-dates the formation of the town by a lot of years.

ē I am amazed that people praise George Bush for his stance on abortion. How about considering his real morals and how he values life. He states heís against abortion, well why isnít he protesting fertility clinics? Many thousands of embryos are created only to never be used, kept on ice, or to be destroyed. If life truly begins at conception, why do you never hear him condemning this? George Bush is not opposed to the death penalty. The Bible states, ďthou shalt not kill,Ē period. When George Bush was governor of Texas, more people were put to death than any other state. If George Bush values human life, he would not have put our sons and daughters in harmís way in Iraq, in a war proven to be unnecessarily and poorly planned. He was in such a hurry to get Saddam Hussein; he rushed to war recklessly, putting our soldiers at risk. This is an outrage. If you value human life, it should be all people, not just U.S. citizens. Under his administration, prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay prisons were tortured, humiliated and killed. Most importantly, if George Bush really valued human life, he would not cow-tow to the NRA with regards to gun laws. The U.S. has more killings and violence with guns than all other countries in this world combined. This truly is so sad and an outrage. Personally, Iíd like a president who really values life: John F. Kerry.


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