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• My children go to St. John Neumann Catholic school, and there were several parents who went against a rule about having a dance off premises. They should not have done this; they go against the rules, they are constant. They went against what the pastor has claimed as no dances. And they even hired a different church to have this dance, and made it very uncomfortable for me and my family to not have my child go. I think this is not fair, it made us feel uncomfortable. These parents should stop and follow the rules. That was a real kick in the pants to the pastor. They should stop.

• Although I don’t live in Sugarwood, I do shop at the Weigel’s store at the corner of Smith Road and Kingston Pike quite often. It’s a very convenient location, but it’s a very, old, old store. And I really do wish that Weigel’s and the town of Farragut could work out their problems about the turn lane and get that new store built because I think it would be a real advantage to the people of Farragut who live in this part of town.

• I’m calling about a concern at A. L. Lotts Elementary School. The children there sold the largest number of coupon books sold by any school in Knox County. And Ms. (Emily) Lenn (principal) has not handed out the prizes to all the kids for the prizes for selling the coupon books. If you sold five coupon books you get a T-shirt, etc., etc. Ms. Lenn has not given out the T-shirts or the gifts, while other schools in Knox County have given out the gifts. Ms. Lenn requires that students turn in their money at the appropriate time, but she has not rewarded the students.

• It seems like your Letters to the Editor is an ongoing forum for someone named Harry Quigley who is in your Letters to the Editor column about every other week. He is not a resident of anywhere near Farragut, he is not in your service district, he is not a taxpayer in the Knox County property records and he is on TennCare. Perhaps you could find a better source.

• I’m calling in regards to the burning of the flag. I think it’s a disgrace that someone has no more respect than that for our flag. It stands for our freedom. I also think that the person or persons that did this should be punished to the fullest extent. Whether it be political or a prank, if the flag means no more than that to them, then maybe they should go live somewhere else where they don’t have any freedom.

• I was just reading presstalk in the Nov. 11 edition, and I was trying to figure out how you folks decide when to use the name of a company and when not to. In the first (presstalk), somebody’s complaining about a construction company and you choose to leave the name out. In another one, they’re complaining about the cable company in the area and you use Charter Communication’s name several times. Seems a little inconsistent to me.

• I was calling about the discussion about the price of water in Farragut. We don’t have any leaks, and our water bill in the summertime is approaching $200 a month, which is consistent with our neighbors’ water bill — which is ridiculously high. I don’t know why other people don’t complain about this problem, but the price of water in Farragut is just absurd.

• The person who responded to Mr. (Walter) Bowser’s letter has the problem, not Mr. Bowser (the letter was in the Oct. 28 edition, the response in the Nov. 11 issue). He or she seems to think Farragut is not a part of Knox County judging from his words that: “The next time the town wants to open its door to the citizens of Knox County and prevent them from having to rent a place to … vote, Mr. Bowser (would probably be more than glad) to write a check …” It’s this elitist attitude that’s earned the town its reputation of being snobbish. I understand the election commission searched for a polling place but couldn’t find a suitable one to rent, and the town had no choice but to allow early voting in the town hall since it’s a public building for the use of its citizens. The space provided was much too small. If there’d been more room for more machines it would have made early (voting) much easier for employees in the town hall, the voters and the poll workers.

• Very surprised and disappointed in the farragutpress coverage of the Farragut and Bearden basketball teams in last week’s paper. Why did the Farragut and Bearden boys deserve color team photos and the Farragut and Bearden girls get black and white team photos? Your published answer would be much appreciated. Many readers are wondering just what were you thinking!

Editor’s Note: Being placed on the front page of a section is more prestigious than having a color photo on a back page.


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