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• I’m calling in regards to Diane Jablonski’s op-ed piece [News Sentinel] and her involvement in Calloway Landing, and her attack on Bill Etter, First Utility District board president, asking for his resignation.

I find it interesting that she would talk about a conflict of interest. While she was on the school board, she voted to purchase school buses and vans on numerous occasions from her husband’s company, Landmark International. Also, her husband sits on the board of Second Harvest Food Bank, and they, too, have purchased all their vehicles from Landmark International, his company.

• After noticing that I was having problems with my reception on my television, I had a very difficult time contacting Charter (Communications) as usual. And to my surprise, I was told that two stations that are very interesting to me have been removed from my so-called “package.” No longer will I get the Hallmark channel, which is a decent family channel; nor will I get the do-it-yourself [DIY] channel, which is an interesting crafts program. It seems that because I have only basic expanded [cable], they have taken these off and added them to their — what they call their “100 package.” How much longer are we going to have to contend with Charter’s way of dictating to us? As a person on a fixed income, $50 a month is all I can afford to pay to watch my television, which I might say, is my only entertainment. I’m very disgusted with this company. I think they are draining me dry, as well as everyone else in the community. I just wish someone else would speak up.

• It’s good to see the people of Tennessee speaking up in support of Spc. (Thomas) Wilson of the 278th (Regimental Combat Team in Iraq), who asked Secretary (of State Donald) Rumsfeld what others were afraid to ask. The rest of us owe those men and women a sincere apology. A majority of Tennesseans voted to re-elect George W. Bush in spite of overwhelming evidence that this war of choice has been horribly mismanaged. ... Those of us who voted against President Bush also should accept our responsibility for not doing more to ensure that George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld were evicted from office. Our soldiers are dying needlessly on foreign soil, and we should all be ashamed for their mistreatment in our name.

• Thank you Farragut Municipal Planning (Commis-sion) for your thoughtful efforts to save that beautiful red oak tree near Evans Road. I would encourage members to go ahead and require the developer to include, in the developer’s plan, a proposal to save this tree. It is a part of our heritage, and is worth the effort.

• I just wanted to call in and thank the caller who called in to give the phone number for the do-not-call list, and giving the information about telemarketers being able to call your cell phone soon. Thanks so much for that, I called immediately.

• Every time I read your paper I play a little game called “count Bettye Sisco.” I try to see how many times she shows up in the paper. I just wonder if she just likes to show up at any occasion where’s there’s a camera present to get her picture in the paper? Do you guys keep records for this sort of thing? Do you have a record for whose appeared in the farragutpress the most number of times? Just curious. I’d say she’ll take the prize on that game for sure.

Editor’s Note: Ms. Sisco, as president of the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce, is very active in her role. The farragutpress chooses to run pictures of her in action, not the Chamber or Ms. Sisco. We applaud her efforts on behalf of the Farragut West Knox business community and the community at large. We hope to have her photo in our pages many times in the future.


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