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Letters to Santa

All I want for Christmas is a bike, a bell from your sleigh, a stop sign, a book called St. Nichlas The Wondful Worker, a video called St. Francis the fanight of Assisi, a book called the Tale of the There Trees. Santa, I have a surprise for you. Oh! And bring Jasmine a big bone.


Age 5

All I want for Christmas is a German Shepherd puppy, Jesus poster of him playing soccer, pillow case of my guardian Angel of God, a book called the Donkey’s Dreams, and some Build-A-Bear bows and panties for my Build-A-Bear, Jumpy. Oh! And my dog wants a bone. Santa I have a surprise for you. I’m turning 9 on Dec. 20.

P.S. Maybe if can bring a foosball table.


Age 8

All I want for Christmas is a horse stable, a tall horse and pony and a black beauty movie and black beauty necklace. Also I would love a sweet streets where you wash the dogs and two soft my little ponies and one of your reeindeer’s bells. That’s not too much is it? Can you come a little early this year because my Daddy has to work.


Age 5

All I want for Christmas is Dora’s house, Strawberry Shortcake movie and candy. Also could you bring presents for my baby brother Mason. I think he would like ‘boots’ from Dora. We’ll leave cookies and milk for you and your reindeer. Don’t forget to drive carefully!


Age 3 1/2

All I want for Christmas is Josefina with accessories and p.j.’s me and her. Feast day finery not with table. Bed and accessories. Gym outfits. Jacket and cap set and coconut! Coconuts p.j.’s for me and doll. American Girls doll’s.

Morgan Age 8

All I want for Christ-mas is Res-cue Hero Select toy or movie, Incredobite, Rescue Hero Hyper Jet, Etch & Sketch, ETO, Play-Doh table, Yu-Gi-Oh cards - a “BIG” pack & ESPN Game Station, transformer Energon Omega Supreme & Pokemon Trainer Unit.


Age 5

All I want for Christmas is a Batman truck, books, games, cars, coloring books and crayons, soccor balls and basketballs and baseballs. I have been a good boy all year and will continue to be good boy all year. A puppy dog, a kitchen playset, games boards, Shrek 2 DVD, Noah ark set.

Stephen Age 5

All I want for Christmas is a pink skirt, pink tie (mens), black boots, pink care bear, my little pony dance studio, mall madness game, bratz safe and more stuff.

Kimmie Age 12

All I want for Christmas is a Kirby Gameboy advance game, a beanie baby, a memory for PS2, rescue heros, TY2 video game, a Tek-Dek dude.

Jacob Evan

Age 5

My name is Ben and my sister’s name is Maddi. I am being good right now and Maddi is being good. For Christmas I would like a toy reindeer and Maddi would like new overalls. Oh, and a new rescue hero too. I will try and stay up until you come down the chimney. Maddi is excited too. Lots of love Ben and Maddi.

Ben and Maddi

Age 4 and 2

P.S. Maddi just added a new yellow choo-choo. Thank you.

Hello! What is it like in the North Pole? How far away is it from Knoxville? I can’t wait until you visit our house. I would really like to have lots of computer & Leapster games. I also would like cars, Gobots and Transformers too. My little sister name is Ramzee. She said she would like some Leap Frog books, stuff for her babies, and some girlie things.

I will set out cookies and milk for you. We just made a bunch of homemade ones. We also bought you some Mayfield Snow Cream ice cream. I think you will like it. I made reindeer food that we will set out to show you where we live. It has lots of sparkles in it so the reindeer will be able to see it from the sky. Hope you have a good trip. We will be tracking you on the computer to see where are are at.


Reileigh, age 4,

& Ramzee, age 2

All I want for Christmas is a babydoll and a ball and a movie and toy. What do you do on Christmas?


Age 6


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